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  1. Hello>>the best thing I can tell you to do right now is to go to Nero website and get the latest update for the version of Nero that you are using at the moment and see if that help any ok?? http://www.nero.com/en/nero-up.php
  2. :beer: This is the reason why I just love this forum because you guys in the Pit always do your home work
  3. This will show you how to get rid of all the Norton from your system>>there's a tool to download>>look in here>>>http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/nav.n...001092114452606
  4. Let me start off by saying you need to get all the latest update from Microsoft website.
  5. None of them is 100% foolproof. These are the tools I use to stay clean>>>ZoneAlarm free/AVG Antivirus Free/Ad-Aware SE/Spybot & Destroy/Microsoft AntiSpyware/SpywareBlaster/SpywayGuard/A-Squared >>>and I use most of the unline scan 1 or 2 times aweek and it does not degraded system performance atall. Go Here and get more info and links to some of the tools I posted>>>http://pcpitstop.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=61975
  6. I will never use Epson printers anymore even if you're giving it to me free>>I change to HP printers because they are easier to fix than the Epson>.Trust me PS. The only good thing about the Epson is the ink is much cheaper and thats about it
  7. By me looking it up you might have a worm so you might want to run a virus/spyware scan and see what you come up with
  8. If you havent got Spybot & Destroy plus Adware programs you might want to get them and scan your system of spyware and if those dont get rid of it you have to go over to Hijackthis
  9. Disable System Restore>>>then boot the system up in safemode and run the doctor again
  10. Thats ok Pit I close the port 1027 after going thru alot of fixes but all i had to do was dump Kerio firewall and and get ZoneAlarm and all the ports are stealth now
  11. I didnt pass because Port 1027 is open>>can any tell me how to close this port?
  12. By me looking it up it looks to me like it got something to do with: Spyware.Spytech.B
  13. If you're running Windows 98, ME or XP you can click on "Start", and click on "Run". In the run dialog box type "msconfig". From there, go to the Startup tab and in here is a list of items with check boxes. All these items are programs that start when your system boots up. Unchecking the unneeded ones will free up system resources and probably allow scandisk to run. Some of these are critical system services, so you may want to check with your computer manufacturer to find out which ones are needed and which ones aren't. If you are running Windows 95, 2000 or NT you can acces
  14. I run into the same problem with it and speaking for myself If i cant defrag in s/mode with this it is no good for my system so i just uninstall it and use Window Defrag which is about the very samething anyway.
  15. Hey Thanks for the Compli....If you stick with these guys in the Pit you will become one yourself :beer:
  16. Iam glad>. you did it and u see it wasn't that hard or bad afterall But the NDnet is a real nasty
  17. If that is all that is in the Reg of NDNet then move it manually and then boot the system in SafeMode and scan again to see if it's all gone
  18. Go here and read this thread>>This is the way I got rid of Newdotnet from all the system I deal with or come across having it. Thanks to Jacee >>>>http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?sh...39&hl=newdotnet
  19. http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=RDX-150&cat=CON
  20. It is also best to Disable System Restore and boot the system up in SafeMode and run the Ad-aware scan>>get Spybot also in which you can get all that Ad-aware didnt pick up
  21. OK I understan>>Go ahead and do some online Trojan scan if you can here is the link ok and good luck >>>>http://www.windowsecurity.com/trojanscan/ http://scan.sygate.com/pretrojanscan.html Good idea Joe C
  22. Thats funny I never heard of this before but I do know that If your not the Admin you cant do any of the above.
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