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  1. Take a walk in here and see if you like any http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/10/15-fr...natives-to.html
  2. Hey Thanks for the info in Post #6>>I install AVG8 and it is working find sofar sogood on this system
  3. I ran into the very same problem like you did and I had to use Avast on one out of six system I have here at home so I think it is best to wait untill AVG comes up with a fix
  4. This is how to remove the Trojan>.Plus the removal tool to download is at the bottom>>http://www.symantec.com/security_response/...-99&tabid=3
  5. On your Techexpress link that you posted>.I dont see where you have a DVD drive in your system only CD-R drive :crash: so if that the case those drives will not read Dvd disk
  6. Have you try to use the program name WinPatrol? :crash:
  7. cookies are inevitable. Yes they are but you have to keep the nasty ones away
  8. Check in here also on the thread>>>http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?show...media+fastclick :crash:
  9. It seem that you have a real nasty one there on your system>>For the last 20mins or so I've been looking and reading on other site and forum and no one has come up with a fix asfar i can see but I do know that someone in the Pit will help you out. Also you might want to post it over in the HJT forum :crash:
  10. Your right about that Gamer1983
  11. I still go there thru AOHELL>>>>It sound easy All4sma but it's not..... because this site have so many ways to get in there
  12. I had to put this in the Host File and it work in IE but I can still get to the site when I use AOHell so if anyone in the Pit have a way to block it thur AOHell please post it for me ok Thanks :crash: myspace.com www.myspace.com home.myspace.com browseusers.myspace.com search.myspace.com invite.myspace.com blog.myspace.com favorites.myspace.com forum.myspace.com groups.myspace.com events.myspace.com vids.myspace.com music.myspace.com 127.0.0.
  13. Good Day Pit>>Does anyone knows a good setting on my browser IE to stop from going to the site name My Space.com Or in anyone of the RealTime protection please :crash:
  14. This is good and I hope everyone pick up on this
  15. Go Here for info please>>>http://www.pchell.com/virus/bloodhound.shtml :crash:
  16. Yes it is Norton and for me I really dont like Norton because it slow my system down with all those programs it comes with.>>>>>Info>>http://www.superadblocker.com/definition/lucallbackproxy/
  17. Every now and then we run into this same question about cleaning LCD screens and we alway end up with the same answer above >>But trust me on this one , before I started to use only water I messed up acouple screens lol :crash:
  18. http://www.liutilities.com/products/wintas...library/ctfmon/ :crash:
  19. Best thing to do is to go over to HJT Forum and they will iron it out for you ok
  20. Do this first ok Also make a backup of your reg before you do anything. (Instructions:) 1. Click on "start" 2. Go to "run" and type in "regedit" (no ""'s) 3. Click on my computer, at the top of the list 4. Click on "file", "export", then save to somewhere safe If you manage to bugger up your registry after you backup'd the working copy, then find where you saved the good one, and double click it; it should ask you if you want to add this information to the registry, click yes. Hey Jackel you got me on this one lol
  21. Be carefull and check some of these freeB'shttp://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/system/fwregtools.html>>>The freeware version Of JV16. EXE is somewhere around and I cant find but when I do I will post it if someone dont do it befor me ok
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