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  1. HeyX5DR>>thanks for the link>>>Well I look and read alot of link from it and i could not find that OD code 035F :00002AF8 to know what it is>>could someone please try and find it and post it back
  2. Hello Pit i got this window 98 will not go to window normal but only in save mode>>>>>going the normal way i get a blue screen with this: A fatal exception 0D has occurred at 035F :00002AF8. The current application will be terminated Need help anyone :help:
  3. It best for you to take the patch because it is better for you to deal with alittle problem with your system than for some Hacker to get in on your system>.steal all your info>.get your card #>.use it and buy everything and anything he wants>.empty your bank account and more>>>>I rather deal with Microsoft patch >>WHAT DO YOU THINK
  4. luluhifi


    Up date your built to 181 for ad-ware 6
  5. luluhifi


    Here is the link for itDownload this
  6. Might as well because it will save you the time to do it in Nov>.Plus your system will run even better and not have all those other processes running on your system hugging it up. Hey i know because i have Norton and also McAfee on other systems in my house plus I have Avg on another system and the Avg run smooth with no problem>>so now i dont have McAfee on none of the system now
  7. Both of those burner will not work right on the same system so you have to use one or the other(uninstall one)>.take your pick>>>i have both of them and Nero is better in which i use on my system and i use the other one (ROXIO)on my wife system good luck Radio is right
  8. 22,169K>>>>>>>>>>>>> :help: XP-HOME
  9. Man MC Hammer is really getting down>>go hammer,go hammer
  10. You need to change your user name from your e-mail address
  11. AEROMAN10 is right>>>>I had a surge protector but i didnt have the one with the phone line protector on it and a strom came thru and a surge of AC went thru the ph line and knock my modem out so get one with the ph line protector
  12. If you change the window appearance the sound will change also
  13. Zone-alarm>>> dont use the Pro-version
  14. Thanks everyone and thanks for the info RADIO
  15. Ok>>>EXTreme post a good link also but i will try XP first
  16. I really dont know too much about it but what do i use as my address if someone wants to send me fax to this computer?
  17. ok thanks I will give it a try when she get home tonight
  18. Really? I didnt know that XP OS can send and receive Fax
  19. Hello Pit>>>I need a simple freeware fax software to put on my wife system XP-Home
  20. Welcom 2 de Pit>>>I look like you did a bad uninstallment and some how remove the Dll file WinTasks DLL Library avicap32 - avicap32.dll - DLL Information DLL File: avicap32 or avicap32.dll DLL Name: Video For Windows API DLL Description: The Video For Windows API is Used to Capture AVI Movies and Video from Web Cameras and other Video Hardware System DLL: Yes Common Errors: File Not Found, Missing File, Exception Errors Someone else on the forum will tell you where to get the file back on your system>>YOU CAN ALSO TRY SYSTEM RESTORE BACK TO WHERE
  21. It look like to me that alot of people have problems with the 6.0 and also me and I had to go back to 5.0 so i will just wait untill they come up with the fix for all the bugs 6.0 have. If you havent delete the old version it would be still on your harddrive>>>or if you have a 5.0 on a disk you can d-load it after you delete 6.0 to find 5.0 >>double click Mycomputer>>click Drive_C>>>then go to program Files and see if 5.0 still there
  22. these sites will help: Here And Here have fun :beer:
  23. The ZA-pro give alot of people problems>>the free version is good as long you know what your doing when you set it up>>Sygate firewall is good also so overall you can just close your eyes and pick one
  24. you also need to label your Drive: Double click my computer right click the drive you use C. click Properties and type in DRIVE_C click apply and ok
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