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  1. ok Iam going to try the info on the link>>be right back
  2. Just to let you know Iam on my other system WinMe and it is working ok>>> ok i got Dial up>>>>X5dr i will try that also
  3. Guys i have more problems now :help: >>After I uninstall McAfee and Norton by browser wont let me get to any site atall>. I get this error:IE could not open the search page. I try restore but could not restore :help: Really dont need to restore anyway just need the right IE setting back>>any help would be good
  4. ok let me get around to it after i finish defrag>>>post link to AVG and ZoneAlarm for me please Thank U
  5. I only use the Norton for clean up>>I didnt load the antivirus>.The MaFee is running the antivirus and the firewall>>>>which one i should take out?
  6. OK guys I am going to work on this now and I will get back with y'all today when Iam finish>>thank for the info i got my fingers cross
  7. TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...ZBTJWQHAM0S4AAB
  8. The Powertoy will do the trick for you in XP http://www.winguides.com/tweak/ That MEGASPAZ post
  9. Hey guys they have a fix for that popup that is coming thru window messenger >>I had the same problem and it fix it for me. This is how you get there>>>Type POPUP in the SEARCH box>> then click STOP WINDOW MESSENGER POPUPS>>>then click TURN MESSENGER POP-UPS OFF. >> It work for me with out me turning off my IM Good Luck
  10. I had the same problem trying turn my system off and it just reboot>>What i found out was that my HardDrive didnt have a name like DRIVE_C >>so after i name my Hard disk Drive i could shut my system down plus i could restore my system also What i did was:Open MY COMPUTER/Right click HARD DISK DRIVE/ Click PROPERTIES/ If you dont see DRIVE_C then you need to tpye it in and CLICK ok and see if that work?
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