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  1. Happy New Year to every one 2k19
  2. Thanks Guys.....No place like home when you need help
  3. I would really like for you to tell me what it does that nothing else seems to do?
  4. These are pretty good for every day things you do on the net but if your a gamer and have a highend rig you might want step it up in a higher price range>>>http://www.newegg.com/ProductSort/Category.asp?Category=19
  5. This can help your font alot >>http://www.microsoft.com/typography/cleart...uner/Step1.aspx
  6. Speaking for myself>. I really dont think that XP can do it by itself>>To do so you'll need a good CD-burning software that will also be able to read and write ISO files :crash:
  7. You have to explain more about the problems you're having with the shrink >>>Like what you did before this happen or did you update the version of Shrink or what error your getting ok
  8. Iam sure we will be looking at anywhere from $230--300 for the full version and it wont be out untill in the middle of 2007
  9. I didnt take my pills this morning>>> Anyway I was thinking that FireFox was the problem.
  10. Have you try to uninstall and reinstall FireFox to see if that fix it?
  11. Try doing it the other way around like taking your brother's monitor over to your system and see if the samething happen and post back the outcome :crash:
  12. If you have a faster machine it will load much faster :crash:
  13. \ don't mess with your BIOS unless you have a specific reason to do so. [/quot I second that
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