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  1. Doug, Mme and Duanester, thanks for all the answers but i found at last the solution for the problem. 1) i deleted the D:\ partition and i was able to do the test in debug mode with the upload test disabled. didn't hang anymore on the disk test. 2) i disabled comodo firewall, but still it didn't work out for the upload test. i uninstalled comodo firewall, but i saw there was still comodo services running in the background, which probably blocked the upload test. so i run regedit and deleted all rests of comodo and enabled windows firewall. now i can run the test wi
  2. you can trie this with IE7, open: tools>advanced>reset IE7 (delete temp files, deactivate browser addons,.......) goodluck and regards, paul
  3. duanester, the answer to both question are no. my upload speed is 10 mbit from the provider, but when i measure it, it's allways more than 11 mbit. mme, i did a test with only the firewall and virusprotection on, the same results: hanging on testing drives D:\ doug, here is the copy of belarc advisor ( edited ): Belarc Advisor Current Profile The license associated with the Belarc Advisor product allows for free personal use only. Use on multiple computers in a corporate, educational, military or government installation is p
  4. hei Doug, i was just thinking about that, but thanks for the tip anyway. i wil sent MME a pm tomorrow. regards paul
  5. Doug, the only toolbar i have is from Roboform and that i have had for years.' MME, i tried all this before, no luck. but thanks both for the answers. regards paul
  6. duanester, thanks for the quick respond i tried, but no luck. still freezes.
  7. hei guys, the last few months ( after a reinstall ), its impossible to fullfill the test. i'm reaching the " check disk usage " or " testing drives " and thats it. its just hanging til IE freezes and have to restart IE i've also tried the debugging page and skipped " Skip checking disks and Skip testing disk health ", the same results. specs: windows xp home sp2 with all updates, ie7, 2 gb memory, ca 68 gb free hd space. comodo firewall pro, nod 32 ( v.3.0.621.0 ) thanks in advance for any answer. regards paul ps, the reinstall was a kind of weird. s
  8. hei chido, i've take a look at your " installed software " list. i'm sure you can free quite a lot of Mb on your HD by removing hotfix backup files. http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/xp_hotfix_backup.htm after that you can use CCleaner: http://www.ccleaner.com/download goodluck and regards
  9. hi, I had the same problems, it was a nightmare, so I installed IE7Pro. ( http://www.ie7pro.com/ ) than when IE7 crashed i started it again with the same sites before it crashed. ( i did a reinstall of ie7, without any luck ) at last i did a reinstall of windows xp home and now evrything is fine. quite a job, but it was worth it, i think. regards and goodluck, paul
  10. I use joost and jlc internet tv: http://www.jlc-software.com/ goodluck and regards
  11. I went for the PC2700 thanks again my regards,paul
  12. i've now reinstalled Vopt and its working like dream. still i'm wondering what kind of bug there's in diskeeper, that can screw up your entire system. i kind of liked it, when it was working but i don't take the chances anymore. with regards
  13. tonybologna & mme, interesting reading this post and it matches with my problems. all of this started for about a week ago: 1) i noticed that my networkconnection started to connect 2 minutes later than usual. 2) i got problems with my cardreader ( cardman 2020 ) 3) chkdsk problems at every start 4) i had diskeeper pro 2007 and it didn't start because it was waiting for a planning start of chkdsk 5) i have also VOPT and that one went in an endless loop. ( iobit smartdefrag acted normally ) 6) safe mode was impossible to enter. and a lot more of small problems.
  14. use the free program DriverMax: http://www.innovative-sol.com/drivermax/index.htm goodluck
  15. Simonsells91 you save my day, 2.5 volts when i take the test it come up with 2.6 volts ( not the same memory i quess, PC 3200 ? ) thanks for the reply all the other members too regards, paul
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