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  1. I have had THIS CASE for a few years now and its got tons of space in it. You can put your psupply on the bottom and use the top powersupply spot for an xtra exhaust fan it works well.
  2. I would second checking out the PSU. Your bios isnt a plug and play chip it is indeed a part of the mboard. It can be flashed to upgrade but that is just rewriting info to the chip not replacing it. Let us know how it goes with the PSU.
  3. They where updated late last night. I will update them late tonight for the final standings. I think alot of people including myself have had problems posting scores to the Orb hopefully that gets fixed.
  4. Yeah I would like to see the same exact image in both to really compare the differences.
  5. Likewise I dont know what happened, but I will look into it.
  6. Nice O/C. :beer: If thats on air thats really impressive.
  7. I got it reupdated so go ahead and recheck for your score it should be there now.
  8. I just got finished going through the teams and updating the scoring site. If there is something missing or wrong let me know.
  9. It sounds like your settings are locked. If it had two multi settings 8 and 27 and it booted with both then nothing changed.
  10. Memphis huh, is he gonna be back in time to post a score? We can probably let him in the draft if we know he is gonna play when he gets home, just let us know so we can add him to the list with specs and such.
  11. Only a few days left to get scores posted, toss em down so you can join in the fun.
  12. Nice Score Hammer. :beer: :beer: Keep em coming!
  13. Link to Canadien site about Water Cooiling Via Aqua pump at a place that ships to Canada This place also ships Via Aqua Pumps to Canada
  14. I would keep away from Danger Den as IMO they are overpriced and tend to be not the best quality. Check out THIS PLACE for Via Aqua inline pumps. They are quiet and work well. As for blocks I tend to stick to Swiftech, they have been the best bang for the buck. If you can afford the appearance and space just use a 5 gallon fish tank or equivilant for a resivoir and you dont need the rad. I have ran without the chiller and never exceded 95F with that setup and I have the CPU, GPU and chipset watercooled.
  15. Hmm I will have to check that out thanks Coolman. Edit: Nevermind its a 449mb demo.
  16. The Asus board you are refering to is pretty nice, it is a bit more complicated to figure out 4 drive RAID on and if you plan on running a 7950 water cooled it becomes complicated to get at one of the sata ports. The onboard sound is fantastic though and it o/cs fairly well, though I havent really put the screws to it yet.
  17. Lol I always need coffee, some things I just couldnt live without.
  18. I noticed the error and put the correct info into the database file. I gave some thought to leaving it as it was reported but I am not that evil.
  19. I too refereed to the purchase as foolish not the person.
  20. I downloaded the demo but I think you need to ahve the game to run it.
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