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  1. Thanks Jacee, I wasn't aware of that. I have uninstalled MSN Explorer from Add/Remove Programs, Brandon, but the popup still comes up. I can't find anything about it on the web either. I have, however, in the meantime downloaded that extension you mentioned. You can never be too safe. Thanks for the help. Torrey
  2. Yes, and there is nothing related to MSN. I will get more screenshots when the thing pops up again.
  3. Hey guys and girls, I recently downloaded Firefox 3 for my Windows XP x64 Pro computer. I find that often when I am on the internet a pop-up of indeterminate origin will appear. Would any of you happen to have seen such a pop-up? I have included a screenshot here for you to look at. It would probably be helpful also to add that if I do not close out the pop-up, Firefox refuses to access any website that I wish to visit; i.e., it will forever stay at "loading _website name_," as reflected by the status bar at the bottom of the Firefox browser. Once I close it, however, the website
  4. 105 in the scorching Utah heat. And I thought Texas was hot.
  5. I hear the 3800 AM2s and 939s are supposedly being given a huge pricecut in the next week or two, with prices being somewhere in the $100-$130 range after discount.
  6. I want the US to win, but I feel like England will run away with the trophy. Gerrard is awesomeee.
  7. WOw thanks rcranium. This is great information.
  8. Def Leppard - Bringin' on the Heartbreak
  9. We have to first examine the man's motive for killing the pedophile.
  10. Okay now you're exaggerating egregiously. I play f.e.a.r. at 1024x768 at very compromised settings with my x2 4400+ @ 2.8GHz/1GB DDR550/3 x 160GB Sata2 in Raid-0/256MB GeForce 6800 and it'd be a big stretch to say the game is anything but "smooth."
  11. I have the same problem with my PCI Express GeForce 6800 on every single distro I have tried. My other system with an AGP GeForce 6800 works fine. T
  12. The best place to get help for problems with Half-Life: 2 is at the Steam forums. T
  13. Yes. But I would get a Turion 64 instead.
  14. It's a good idea, but frankly, AMD seems to be acting a little bit sophomoric.
  15. Avast slows my x2 4400+ 1GB computer to a crawl. I can't believe how much resources it uses.
  16. Centrino if you have the money, Turion if you'd rather save the difference.
  17. I would do that more often if compressed air weren't exorbitantly priced. It's like $5 a can here.
  18. How much life do you get on your MT-30? I get about 3 hrs with an 8-cell on my ML-30, which consumes more battery power per hour than the MT-30. T
  19. http://zoneforums.com/torrey/securebrowsing.htm Better security, tabbed browsing, in addition to a large number of downloadable "extensions" that improve useability of the product. ActiveX is disabled so you won't be able to run such programs that operate using it. T
  20. The_HAWK is an awesome member. He deserves recognition.
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