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  1. Hi, I have an Antec True480 connected to an old Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939 that spins for a split second, with its blue light turning on within that short duration, before shutting off whenever I turn it on using the main switch on it. Is this indicative of PSU failure, or is the problem somewhere else, perhaps in the motherboard? How do I test the PSU unit's integrity without utilizing the wire that goes from the case to the motherboard, i.e., is there any way by which I may activate the PSU outside of the case? Thanks, T
  2. It can be inferred from that statement that people's eyes have been damaged from staring at the sun. About why it is often advised to not be looked at, well...it is better to be safe than to be sorry.
  3. Thanks Ocean! That certainly makes my decision-making a lot easier!
  4. Thanks Web! That's a great link, just what I needed.
  5. So I earned about $80 this spring, which marked the first time I was employed. Now, I do not wish to be accused of failing to report this if I have to, which I am here to determine if it's necessary, because it seems a paltry amount of money. So do I have to report this? And being a neophyte to such dealings, I have no idea where to obtain such a form. Help very much appreciated! Thanks.
  6. Read this: http://www.themexp.org/how_install.php
  7. There are a few AGP standards out there currently in use. AGP 1x/2x is 3.3V. AGP 4x is 1.5V. AGP 8X is 0.8V. AGP 1x/2x cards will work in AGP 4X slots, but not in AGP 8X slots. AGP 4x cards will work in both 1x/2x and AGP 8X slots.
  8. 20 bags of Wal-Mart Gummi Worms to take to college.
  9. oh em gee, 2 days from now will be the 11th! How creepy.
  10. Umm...I like sweet soup...like orange juice with pulp.
  11. I just realized I haven't eaten an apple in well over a year now!!! I don't really like them though, even though it's my favorite candy flavor.
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