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  1. ya i used that for another harddrive... i think imma just get that extension thing it seems to be my only option
  2. ya it's a p4 3ghz computer and i'm pretty sure that's the fan that i bought... but maybe it just looks exactly the same (the one that i have doens't have a female connection i guess I don't use both of my cd drives that often anyway... i'll just unplug one (or maybe that extension might be good) i'll try messing around and seeing
  3. umm... i'm pretty sure it's just male on one side is the four pins, and on the other side of it are the two (red and black) wires coming out. The only other thing is the 3 pins
  4. hehe these are the exact fans that i bought I'm still a little confused though... my fan has only the 4 pin male connector. and I don't have any free power supply connectors to plug the fan in (because they're taken by the cd drives)
  5. So my computer has been overheating, so just recently I got 2 case fans Now I have 3 fans for chassis ventilation, (one in the power supply, 1 below it, and 1 in the front of the case) Problem is, I can only find a place to plug in ONE fan (so right now I have one fan in my case doing nothing) The only spot I found was a 3pin thing that said chassis fan or something like that, but I can't find another one of those on the motherboard or any 4-pin ones coming out of the power supply (as you can tell from my description... i don't know that much about hardware) Do the cd drives use the same power slot as the fans? (they look similar). I have 2 cd drives taking up 2 white power connectors the only free power connector coming out of my power supply is a weird connector that says P8 on it Obviously I'm not giving you enough information, but I don't know what else to say Ask me whatever more u need to know (help me help you help me ) EDIT: oh and i have antoher question. If my computer gets around 65+ degrees centigrade while using 100% cpu processing (playing a game), and my cpu suddenly shuts off. Is that cuz of overheating? (Intel Pentium 4)
  6. OK thanks for the help I've tried taking off the heatsink before, but i didnt' want to break anything and it felt like it wasn't coming off. So I guess I'll get the case fans and fix those cables, and I'll see how my comp fares then. And if it seems like it's still too hot, I'll come back for help for the heatsink
  7. OK this is good advice. I'll be looking into case fans and such What about my heatsink? Should I just get another one (are they expensive)? Or is there some way of cleaning it or whatnot? And how many different types of HSFs are there (i.e. would I have to worry about getting the wrong one?)
  8. And as for my heatsink fan, there's a big Intel sticker on it... not sure what kind though EDIT: Here's the inside of my computer from a while back (there shouldn't be as much visible dust now since I ended up using compressed air) I got this computer from a store that put it together for me (i.e. not from some big chain store)
  9. I'm not very good with hardware (and i don't know too much about it)Is this a hard process? If I go looking for heatsinks, will I get confused on which one to get?
  10. I've made like 5 threads about my computer's overheating, and each time I think I solve it, but it never goes away. Whenever I play counter-strike:source, after like an hour or so, my computer will shut off (restart), which I'm assuming is because of being too hot. While idling, my computer is usually in the high 40s. I imagine none of this is good for my comp, so I've come to you guys to ask for advice. I'm assuming that the reason why my comp gets so hot is dust. About a month ago I bought compressed air and I tried to use it. It seemed to work, but now it's still really hot. When I sprayed air into my heatsink, not that much dust came out... so maybe it didn't do the trick. This problem has become very annoying (it's been idling at hot temps for nearly a year...) What should I do to fix it? EDIT: When using 100% cpu usage, the temp gets to at least 62-63C
  11. ok thanks to everyone I'm definitely gonna look into speedfan then (Consider my question answered)
  12. hmm... i'll look into this... this may work very well for me but can you tell me if there's any long-term damage to keeping ur fan at max all the time?
  13. I don't know how to take off the fan... (i tried sorta but i didn't wanna break anything so i just left it alone) i only just lifted those grey tabs on the side... it loosened it but i couldn't really take it off...
  14. sorry... not hte computer case... i downloaded motherboard monitor (MBM) and i dont' really know how to configure it... but it's giving me some temperature, which i'm assuming is my processor temp... but i really don't know
  15. i don't know exactly what the "fine fins" are... but what i did was get the dust clogging the lil' barred part immediately beneath the fan +-------+ |\||||||/| |-\||||/-| |--\||/--| |---\/---| |---/\---| |--/||\--| |-/||||\-| |/||||||\| +-------+ so what i did i got the dust between the ||s and the --s
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