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  1. Hmm I had a card just like that that came with my Asus mobo. Never have tried it cause I already have the Audigy 4 that seems to work well, but the volume wont go as high as the onboard sound on most systems. I may have to unrap it and toss it in to see how it sounds in comparison!
  2. Thats a good one Bruce! Great varity and DRM free. Saved it in my favorites. Brandon your right, Limewire is bad for any computer. Jacee, I have checked it out already and they have 30 second clips. I think all sites I have seen so far do.
  3. thanks all for your help. I will check them all out. Bluesman821 am looking at that one right now. Looks pretty good and really low prices, also works right off WMP.
  4. I have tried just recently with Napster, and cancelled very quick. Unfortunatly my system way surpases the minimum requirements but as I downloaded music it would duplicate every song, and it had corrupt files and caused my system to go into B.S.O.D. I used to use a long time ago I-Tunes and MSN music downloads and both worked great with Windows XP. Haven't tried yet with Vista. Looking for a good service, even if it is .99c a song, for Vista. Thanks
  5. Good sore! You have a very slight cpu load. Don't amount to much.Ohh, socket 939s aren't slow. TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=9PHSHW3KL9WSL949
  6. Sorry but have to agree with Bruce, See no difference in the two links you sent!!
  7. Don't see any where he was banned! You guy's know something I don't? If he was that's too bad! Seen know reason too, but then again don't know what the mods seen that we didn't!
  8. Looks good Icebear! well here is one test w/ Pcpitstop with one 8800 on Vista, and yes it's easy to optimize for 2D, but Why? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=8R0NHWVWETVSKSKG
  9. I understand what Brandon is saying, I also had an old Geforce 5700 Ultra that would score 600 points on the 2d pit test. The 2d pit test is not a mesurement of the latest 3D graphics card and recommend you try those test on FutureMark. Download here http://www.futuremark.com/download/I personally have 2 8800 Ultras in SLI, and only get 200 points on 2d the pit test. but will do this completly stock on 3D 03 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=5759164 Try these test for a true mesurement in 3D results!
  10. Common fellas, lets get them stock scores in, put pride away, it's only a stock score! Don'/t feel embarrased or ashamed! Stock scores are nothhing!!~! You may score bad in stock scoring, but it's nothhing, the real scores are OC!!! Now get them stock scores in now!! If I wasn't playing for TRP, I would be with you guy's now!! You know that, so lets get it together and post them scores as time is running out!!!!
  11. Thanks brownhornet and Miggs will check them out!
  12. Haven't tried those, but are willing too! Got a link to them? Ok Miggs will do as soon as I can find the time! Looks like this weekend will be tied up mostly with building a rig for a freind!
  13. Thanks for those drivers Paul442, I will give those a try and compare! The new ones aren't all that great!
  14. Looks pretty good there at stock Miggs! Getting better! Looks like those drivers are pretty good!
  15. Actually it will be called DA-Bomb, from Da-Bomb technologies in Iran. President, Chairman of the board, Ceo, and owner: URL=http://img405.imageshack.us/my.php?image=207pxmahmoudahmadinejadhm5.jpg][/url]
  16. I have no doubt in my mind that very soon AMD will succeed or surpass Intel and will not be the sloughter of 5years + that AMD surpassed Intel I love both companies and have built both systems. I build systems for those economically inclined AMD systems, and they don't know the difference, because AMD systems even if they don't out bench Intel at this moment in time, do everything and them some for the average person!!! I don't exactly care for the fact that AMD bought out ATI, which is holding them back in some way's, kind of like a monkey on your back if yas no what I mean!! Intel and A
  17. Have had Vista for almost a year and see no problems with it whatsoever, not sure what problems you have you did not expalain. The DX 10 works great! I absolutly love it. From what I have seen , weather it's a home made machine or branded, the problem is hardware requirments which are strigent for Vista as compared to previous versions. Stick with XP or Linux if you can't meet the requirments. And yes it means $$$$ to have a great running Vista machine as I know from Experience.
  18. Nice system, looks like the memory is running a little slow, but then again it's a quad. Nice work, follow the recommendations on the yellow flags. Nice build! Congrats!!
  19. Have built a lot of systems (not my own) with Msi, and they seem to be a very awesome board. Dependable and strong!!Good luck!
  20. Hmm looks funny, like my old system!! http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=8R0NHWVWETVSA4FG
  21. I have been using one for almost a year now and they are very good. It is coupled with a 680i and Intel chip, and there were no issues installing it, they most likley fixed the issue from earlier models. It comes with two sets of spring loaded screws, shorter ones for AMD and longer ones for Intel. Think you would like it!
  22. Nice too see you again!!! Just trying too offer some advice. I-G is great!! Anything new he will be the best benchmarker! You may buy the newest technology, but 3-4 mobnths down the road you may regret it as something else will come by and top that. Not saying don't buy it but just think about it and research it first bro!! If you want a higher score for the forum wars only, would suggest buying it!
  23. Hey Miggs! I would suggest the best thing to do is a lot of reasearch on the net and make your decision from there! IG has some great scores,but you don't have the same exact system he has, or the know how. BTW IG nice score!!! Looks impressive! but lets see what happens 4 months down the road!! Really don't beleive AMD ATI inc. will hold the crown for long. As you have seen in the last 8- 10 years its like a yo yo! Back and forth. This is why people like myself enjoy so much the competition in the semi-conductor industry. It's what makes the world go round!!!
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