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  1. I finally had to use System Restore because of the OE problem caused by my trying to troubleshoot why this site wouldn't load. After a successful system restore to Friday, I entered PCPitstop in the Trusted Zone and that was that. No need to fiddle with any settings there or anything like I reported in the post above this one that I had to mess with to get the site to work in Trusted zone. This site works fine now in IE. Now why wasn't I told in the first place when I asked here that I had to put PCPitstop in the trusted zone and that was all I needed to do? That would have saved me a LO
  2. Evidently it was a couple of ActiveX settings in the Trusted Zone that I had put to prompt that was the problem. Geez...got to really trust a site to put it in the Trusted Zone. I had to allow all the questionable ActiveX stuff totally...nothing on prompt. I didn't need to change anything in the Internet Zone and I would not have changed ActiveX settings there...too dangerous. So, I don't know what that "mixed zone" message from IE was about regarding this site because it works fine if I put in trusted and then allow just about everything. Now if I can just figure out what I changed
  3. It's the latest PCPitstop plugin. I had deleted the earlier one. I ran all the tests at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/154036 yesterday trying to figure out what the problem was. So, I changed a lot of settings in IE for the tests. Nothing helped. I still couldn't load the site...instead of stopping on 7 items left to load it stopped on 4. Then I decided to try putting it in the Trusted Zone which is what has always worked before but I had forgotten that since I seldom use IE. So, it worked in the Trusted Zone. I did a test and then I decided to put all those settings I had changed for th
  4. I got it to load by putting the site in the trusted zone. I was able to test. However, now I can't load it again.
  5. Thank you but I tried that IE tab a year ago. I didn't like it. I don't want IE anywhere near Fx. I use IE only when I absolutely have to. I use it for speed tests and that is about it. IE was working here the last time I was here. I recall vaguely over all the years I have done the PCPitstop tests, and that's been about seven years I think, that periodically IE will have the problem of not being able to load this site. Can't remember what the fix was though. I suppose I might put that IE tab on SeaMonkey... nah...no way to uninstall extensions on SeaMonkey. I can probably test on my
  6. I just got an email about my not having visited in about six months. I don't want to lose the tests I have saved here so I clicked on the link in the email and that opened a new tab in Firefox to this site which loaded just fine and allowed me to login. I am posting this from Firefox. I can't test using Fx. I never use IE (I don't even use WU rather Shavlik). I opened IE to come here and the site will not load. So, I have Maxthon which I also almost never use (I am a Fx, SeaMonkey, Opera user) and I tried to come here on it. Maxthon can load this site's main page but when I try to login
  7. Sorry, I asked Dave about the problems with IE7b2 last night. I can't run the full tests now that I have IE7b2. I ran them with the debugger and found the two that cause hangs and excluded them and the tests then ran without further problems but then the results could not be loaded. I detested IE6 and never used it except for things like the tests here. I was surprised at how much I like IE7. I don't want to give it up...yet this is a new computer and I only have one test from here when I got this computer in February. I hate not being able to do the tests on a new computer but Dave says the
  8. I can't read the result very well as the display shows only the top half of the letters. I can tell that it scanned IE and I think below that it scanned Netscape except I don't have Netscape...I do have SeaMonkey and Firefox though. Then under those entries is "Windows recent xxxxx? (I can't read the word) documents" and I think it says "processing" next to that and that is when it crashes. I also have difficulty starting the scan because the window doesn't display properly. I can't see the scan button and can't drag the window bigger. I stumbled about and finally figured out that if I pos
  9. I just read about Erase in CounterSpy's WXPNews. So, I downloaded it and tried to run it. It crashes over and over. I can't get it to run. Event Type: Information Event Source: DrWatson Event Category: None Event ID: 4097 Date: 4/3/2006 Time: 11:02:46 PM User: N/A Computer: MELE Description: The application, C:\Program Files\PCPitstop\Erase\PCPitStopErase.exe, generated an application error The error occurred on 04/03/2006 @ 23:02:46.703 The exception generated was c0000005 at address 7C9EEDCA (SHELL32!Ordinal78) XP Pro SP2 How do I get it to run?
  10. Solved! I cannot believe I just spent a couple of hours going back to every snapshot I have taken of this virtual machine so I could see where the IE problem first began. Problem appeared to be in every snapshot which I concluded meant that this install of XP Pro SP1a must have been a bad install. In the process of going back to the snapshots, I found that I never bothered to set IE to use Proxomitron! I never use IE except for speed tests on my host box because I use MSJVM not Sun Java. I never installed MSJVM on this virtual pc so the only time I used IE was to go download Firefox the
  11. I doubt seriously that it is Proxo. I was only using Scott's ancient default filters. I didn't have Sidki's on. I know Dave that you don't like Proxo. I recall years ago you saying a similar thing to me when I had a problem here and was using Proxo. I've used Proxo over three years and before that Ad/subtract (which is built on licensed Proxo code). I just tested my host box at PCPitstop last night with Proxo running throughout the tests. No problems except your site seems to think Proxo, Process Guard and a few other applications I have that are outstanding applications are suspect appli
  12. I was able to load the first of those pages and quickly. None of the others would load. They show a loading bar in the status bar and the bar gets larger VERY, VERY slowly and the page never loads. Eventually (after maybe 5 minutes) it says "done" in the status bar but the page is still trying to load and all I see is a blank white page. After trying to load all the others, I went back and tried the first link again that did load and it now will not load. I then tried to click on reply, using IE, to post this message. The message board had loaded on IE a few minutes ago just fine and quic
  13. Thank you for the suggestions. I don't use WU. That is the first thing I turn off onan XP machine. That and automatic updates, auto updating. On my host box, I download and install all updates from MS download site. On the virtual PC which I have had about a month, and which needed 34 patches after I installed the OS, I just got those all tonight from WindizUpdate site. I don't understand what the WU Control Engine has to do with ActiveX control here. I do have those files on both computers. Really old ...from WU version 4. I don't want newer versions. I would not go to WU to install th
  14. I've been testing here for 5 years I think. Haven't been here in a while. Now I cannot load any page on your site on IE except the main one. I have no problems loading all pages on the site on Firefox. When I try to load the page for the full tests, it tries forever and doesn't load. I have no problems at other sites on IE although I seldom use IE but I went to other sites after the problem here to make sure IE was working correctly everywhere else. Any page I try to load from the main page will not load on IE. I have IE settings as you recommend. This problem is happening on my virtu
  15. I just ran the trial of your Optimize. My internet connection is just fine (although it has for about 5 years now shown low speed at your site) probably because you are in Texas and I am in Hawaii. I have Road Runner at 5ms down. According to my Hawaii RR VisualWare My Speed test, I routinely test at 4.91Ms/420kbps and Quality of Service is at 99%. Speed Tests on the West Coast from Speakeasy and SBC Yahoo are about the same (4.87Ms down). I have never heard of using an RWIN for XP Pro or any OS much above 100000. Usually the highest recommended RWIN is about 64420 unless you are
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