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  1. I wasn't sure myself since I have XP, not Home. This page indicates however that the control panel applet is there in Home. http://www.wown.com/j_helmig/wxphusrm.htm
  2. Under Control Panel do you have "Users"? In Pro that allows a user to be given Admin or Limited rights, nothing in between. To do anything else with user rights you go to Admininistrative Tools, Computer Management, Local Users and Groups.
  3. It's possible a different, but same brand/model card, would work better. That would mean there's something flakey about the one you have. Or you can try a different brand/model. The earlier suggestion regarding a Ti4200 would be a good way to go. Those were great cards. Or try one of the ATI 8500 cards. The LE versions can be found for $80-100. (the Ti4200 will be in the same price range).
  4. Tedd1, nice find, the link to her board. Jenjen, here's the Crucial memory that matches the specs of the board tedd1 found: Crucial
  5. You may see some improvement but probably not what you're expecting, or hoping, for. The CPU is the bottleneck. The problem is that most applications don't use both processors. So when you're playing a game you're essentially running on a single 933Mhz machine. At the high end of the vid card marked is where you'd see some improvement. At the $100 level you'd have to run benchmarks to see if there was any improvement. Meaning it wouldn't be noticable in day to day use.
  6. When she was experiencing a different problem I went looking for info on that MB and there is none to be found. There's an AZZA USA site but it only has info on their current offerings (and very little on those). The Google cache had the only promising hit but the links to any kind of specs are all dead. If anyone does have info on the old AZZA boards though it would be Crucial. You'd have to call them and ask, you won't find it through the web site.
  7. This article is a bit dated, it's talking about SDRAM, not DDR, but it still has good info about memory tweaking: Sharky Extreme A more current one, using a 2.4Ghz P4 and PC2700: Techware
  8. Newdles, when I installed a single SATA drive I had to load the RAID drivers also, and go through setting up RAID 0. So I now have a striped RAID 0 array on a single HD I think the SATA connectors, there are two on my MB, are intended for RAID. A previous MB had 2 normal IDE connectors, then a second pair specifically for RAID. That may be the case here, the two SATAs are on a RAID controller. Let me tell you I spent a few evenings until I figured it out.
  9. "..now, youre sure itll work right?" "ok so doing that again, with all 3 ram sticks in there will work for sure?" There are no "For Sures" in a situation like this, or anything to do with PCs for that matter. What you get is our best educated opinions on what could/should/might work. I do think Jackel's suggestion to get another stick identical to the first one is your best bet. If in fact one of the old modules was zapped by a static charge, causing it to not function, then it's toast, no way to fix it. I wouldn't assume that though (that is was zapped). It could just be an incompatibility.
  10. When you get the firmware there should be a change list, telling you what changes were made in the firmware. Treat it like a bios update, if the change was something you need, update, if not don't.
  11. This is a Barebones PC for $129 at NewEgg : NewEgg That gets you the case and MB. You still need to add a (CPU and a Hard Drive and memory Grand total: $262
  12. Hmmm, if my memory serves me (I have the non error checking type) you have about a 450Mhz machine? Newdles is best suited to explaining what kind of an experience you can expect with PS on a PC like that but I'd think it would be frustratingly slow regardless of how much memory you had.
  13. I'm definately at a disadvantage, I'm best described as "an accomplished hunt and peck" typist.
  14. Maybe I'm just too laid back but if disabling ECC in the bios doesn't solve the problem then I'd think it's time to just set that stick aside and forget about it. At most take it down to the local mom and pop shop (not a Big Box store) and see if they'll trade for what you need. edit: there ya go, out typing me again
  15. Newdles, here's a quick recap: she can boot ok with the original memory. She just can't with either the new memory by itself or in conjunction with the old memory. According to the manual it "supports" ECC. The new memory is definately NOT ECC. Also the new memory is double sided, old is single sided. The last effort before she gives up on the new memory is to see if ECC is enabled in the BIOS, disable it if it is, then try the new memory. Edit: you guys are too fast of typists for me!
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