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  1. yeah but i dont have a credit card so i have to find a place to get it unfortunatelly
  2. my choice is kaspersky avp, i think it is alot better then avg, it had caught more viruses then avg had i seemed to thought avg was someone trying to mimmic avp, avg is good also , i am using avg right now untill i can find somewhere i can but avp again, my key expired,
  3. ok inside your bios you will see something saying wake on lan, or it will say WOL , and to the left of it it will say on or off, if it says on then , you can hit enter and choose your options for on or off, or you can simply use your plus or minus keys on the number pad to change it to off hope this helps, and are you sure it isnt shutting down or going into sleep mode, sleep mode can take 5 to 10 minutes and it will look like it shut off, try going to start menu , then settings, then control panel, then display settings , then screensaver , then goto power then see if turn off monitor, turn off hard disk , and system standby are saying minutes or anything or set to off if they are in minutes change them to never and see if this helps, well good luck i will be on later and check how ya are doing, i got to go or i would ask a few more questions , but will be on later good luck , also while you are in the display click on top to advanced and then where it says press the power button make sure it says shut down , and then goto hibernation and make sure there is not a check saying enable hibernation ,and see if that helps good luck
  4. make sure your workgroup names are the same or they wont reconize each other good luck
  5. if it is your motherboard before you go buy another board there are adapters that will let you go from your fan and plug them into your powersupply plug instead, well hope this helps good luck, :santagrin:
  6. it isnt really a piece of xxxx my wife has one and wont part with it for the world, and you can still do alot with them, just really depends on what you are wanting to use them foractually yours is better then my wifes she has an all in one gateway and she loves it,it does everything she wants it to do, now i am a gamer and need morebut it just really depends on what all you do ,and they can still play some decent games out there also, well have fun with your newer processor and , merry christmas, :santagrin:
  7. yes it will work and i quoted you on ast post and i didnt knotice you did say bx2 i seen bx also sorry again, yes it will work on your processor now and you can use a p3 600 in it also , if i am correct i think it is a p3 600e but it has been awhile since i have worked on those older ones, well good luck
  8. i am sorry i looked up the wrong motherboard you gave me the se440-bx and not the bx-2 see it in your quote, yes with a bios update it will goto a p3 600 100fsb but make sure you get the p3 600 with 100fsb and not the p3 600 133fsb, it looks like it will be a decent board for limited cash flow , make sure you follow the bios update to the t because if you mess the bios update up you can loose your motherboard, i have done many and knock on wood havent lost any yet but i know alot of people that didnt do it right and messed it up, just be very careful and make sure you run a backup of your old bios to be safe and good luck
  9. sorry wasnt trying to sound rude i just know you dont have mutch money and i dont want you wasting what you do have i am checking on it now
  10. ooh yeah i forgot to put this in a pentium 1 motherboard is a socket 3, a pentium 2 motherboard is a socket 7 and a pentium 3 board is a socket 370 and also a slot 1, sometimes they call a celeron a pentium 2 but it really isnt, maybe i got the wrong motherboard, but i never heard of a motherboard that supports pentium 1 through a pentium 3, and i have had a computer buisness for a long time now, im not trying to say you are wrong but i havent never seen one in 7 years, i hope you are right though so it dont cost you more but i am pretty sure i am not, but then again it has been along time since i have worked on that old of a motherboard well good luck
  11. here is your release notes on your bious updates ftp://aiedownload.intel.com/df-support/1075/ENG/relnte12.txt , quote me if i got the wrong motherboard but this says Added support for Intel® Pentium® III processor at 450MHz. - Added check to not allow Intel® Pentium® III processor at 500Mhz operation.
  12. here is your motherboard that you typed in it has your supported processors here is the link http://support.intel.com/support/motherboa...b/CS-013624.htm
  13. if he goes with the motherboard and processor like you told him to go with he would also have to buy ram, right now he has sdram and the motherboard you are showing him is ddr ram, and he dont have alot of money to go with, so he needs a motherboard that has sdram a socket a like you are talking about but with sdram
  14. that motherboard will only max out a 450mhz and it will only hold a 400mhz untill you update your bios on the motherboard and then 450 mhz is the max so you wont be doing any upgrading on that board, i would just stick with what you have for now and save up a little at a time because if you want to upgrade later it just wont be happening,i know you really want that 450mhz processor in there but i would wait,you wont really see that mutch diffrence in those 2 speeds anyway, i would just gradually save up and get a newer motherboard like a socket a and a atlon or a duron they are pretty cheap and very good at performance, well good luck
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