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  1. hi i googled it before i cam here...it was too confusing
  2. HI... maybe not the right place to ask but,i need some help with Meta Tags...if any body could help me please drop me a pm...Thanks basicly i'm having trouble geting my pages to come up in search engines
  3. hi, i just installed my old nvidia mx440 card and ran some gamers,the glitching was gone.so i re installed my 9600pro and the glitching is still GONE! and richard burns rally seems to be running so much better! i htink i'v cracked! thanks for your help... :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
  4. Hi, it's a brand new comp.new everything apart from my cd drives,graphics card sound card and fire wire.I have tried turning fw off in the bios but it still locks up,the ati 9600pro is meant to use fast writes i think.but it's strange because i didnt use to have to have fast writes on with my old pc?I will go try turning it off inthe bios again,but everytime i try i have to shut the comp off while it's still in game which isnt good .but thanks for your help so far
  5. ok i finaly got sick and tired of this glitching i have.every second it's like it drops to 1fps for a split second.i had this with my old computer and now with my new comp.i have de frag'd,tried diffrent ati drivers inc omega.tried diffrent sound card inc onboard sound.it is better and worse depending on what game I play,in Richard Burns Rally.I think it could be to do with fast writes on my ATI 9600Pro,but if i turn fast writes off my games lock up in the menu's.i have lived with this for over a year and am finaly sick and tired of it. please help me
  6. Hi, i hear the software bufferd sound sok,then it gives me a message saying my sd card doesnt support hardware buffering?any ideas?Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm experiencing a slgiht stutter which i have had for ages now,but anyway i droped my sound card acceleration down to see if that solved the porblem,it didnt so i set it back to full accell,but now the sounds arent right in games,i can lpay music fine,but if i start a game then it's just like the acceleration is still set to none.on the loading video of richard burns rally it;s realy crakly and poping.but if i play the video using WMP9 from the RBR folder then it plays fine.I just updated the drivers also which didnt help.Any ideas what i can do?Thanks
  8. Hi,i'm having more problems yet again.I tried my 1st game today with my new computer,it was good..very good but theres this stuttering,not as in FPS but idk...some times it's there and sometimes it's gone.its like 1 out of every 2 seconds for a moment i get like 1FPS but i'm not sure if it's FPS related.also with GTR and Richard burns rally it locks up in the menu's as before any help is appreciated
  9. i'm on my new comp now...sorted...i'm not even sure how it worked out,i made a new connection with the connection wizard then it worked?ahh well i'm cooking on gas now...Thanks very much for yuor help :beer:
  10. hi,if i try to update the driver it doesnt find any more.also what is ethernet?the drivers for the ethernet are uninstalled too?
  11. bump..tried all new drivers for the adsl modem,i now have serice apck 2,i have tried everything.whats strange is..when i uninstall the usb's the re boot and xp picks them back up,it pops up saying "bt voyager 100 adsl modem" but if i unplug it it doesnt show up again?
  12. http://www.foxconnchannel.com/productsDown...ard=K7S741MG-6L i just fond all these drivers for my mobo...but i'm not sure if any are for the usb?
  13. not realy how would i go about installing the usb ports with xp1? because i never did anything...the ports jsut appeared
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