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  1. I guess I'll just go ahead and reformat Thanks for all the info/advice :thumbup2: Windows update can kiss my , I'll never do that again Thanks
  2. My computer is only 4-5 months old......never had a problem until the windows update screwed it up I have contacted Acer and they told e to just use the restore disk to set up my computer back to the day I bought it.....but I don't want to have to re-install everything back onto it if I don't really really have to
  3. I can't do a repair install because I don't have a vista disk......I only have a factory restore disk from acer which only gives you the option to reset your computer to the day you bought it which reformats your hard drive at the same time......I don't want to start from scratch if I don't have to
  4. I can only access the hard drive while it is connected as a mass storage device on my other system......I can not access anything when it is in it's own system, it freezes at the vista log-in screen, I can't even boot into safe mode or anything and restor doesn't work either. Is there any way that I can delete the drivers for the card through the folders while it is on my old system as a usb mass storage device? If I delete the ATI folder and then reinstall the drive into it's system, will it not boot up and then ask me to reinstall the drivers or something? Thanks
  5. I found a folder named "windows/system32/drivers" .....do I need to delete any or all of these ati files to get my system to boot up again? ati2erec.dll atikmdag.sys AtiPcie.sys ativcaxx.cpa ativcaxx.vp ativdkxx.vp ativokxx.vp ativpkxx.vp ativvpxx.vp
  6. try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for your card....or even beeter, go into your device manager in the control panel and uninstall/remove your graphics card from there and when you reboot your system the plug and play should find it and re-install it.....make sure you have you disk with the drivers on it ready when you restart, it may ned the disk to install the drivers......
  7. I was not even able to access my computer in safe mode, it still froze at the log-in screen. I was however able to access my hard drive by connecting it to my other system using it as a usb mass storage device. I was able to copy all of my importatnt files to disks incase I have to reformat. My big question now is......does anyone know how or what file I should delete on the hard drive in order to put it back in it's system and have it able to start up again and to just have to reinstall the drivers for the graphics card. I don't know where the folder is for the graphics card updates.....I don't even know where I should begin to look Thanks for the help
  8. That is what I want to do.......but I can't even log onto my system to do it, when I try to boot into safe mode, it still freezes at the log-in screen Do you know how I can by-pass the log-in screen to get into safe mode? or is there a way I can install the old driver without logging in ?
  9. Hey guys, can anyone help me as I don't want to do a re-install of vista I have an acer system 4200+ AMD Athlon 64x2 dual-core processor, ati radeon X-1650 se graphics card running vista home premium, 2GB ddr memory, 250GB hard-drive. I have had this system for about 5 months and haven't had a problem until yesterday......I did a windows update which installed a bit defender update, something for the x1650 graphics card, and something to do with vista media center something ? then it asked to restart the system for the updates to take effect and when it got to my log-in screen, I wasn't able to use my mouse or keyboard, it was like it was frozen? So I restarted it again and chose safe mode and the same thing.....just frozen......I I tried to restart to normal mode and just left it for a while, after about 5 minutes the log-in screen was gone and the system was running some kind of computer information movie like you see in the store where is it tells you about all the different stuff your acer system offers you and how good the sytem is etc....and if I try the mouse or keyboard it still doesn't do anything, the info movie keeps playing Can anyone help me ? Thanks
  10. Hey guys, just a quick update......I bought a usb 2.o to IDE cable and I am running my hard drive as a "mass storage device" through my usb port. It is working perfectly.....a lot faster. I was going to by a PCI card, but all the places were sold out, and then one of the guys suggested I try using it through the usb since I only wanted to use it for storage anyway. It was cheaper then a PCI card....only $30. So thanks for all of your help I still don't understand what the problem was? I tried every single thing that was mentioned and then some.... but as long as I got it working now, I guess that is all that matters Thanks again
  11. It is the only drive and I tried it with the jumper set at master and on cable select and I get the same results both ways....if I remove the jumper totally, it would be setting the drive as slave and then it wouldn't boot properly. I'll just try a pci card Thanks
  12. Well, I tried EVERYthing I could and I couldn't get it to switch from PIO to DMA I just want to scream I did read an e-mail on the link that said a guys new Samsung 200GB drive was incompatible in some way with his Asus A7A266 motherboard and that he had to buy an additional IDE controller card in order to fix the same problem. I have the same motherboard....maybe I should look into a seperate IDE controller card?? I would be fine with that if it is going to fix the problem....but I don't want to waste $ if it isn't going to help. Right now....I'll try anything Thanks for all the help.......I let you know if the controller card worked. Thanks
  13. I'm at work right now so I can't run another test yet.....I'll post one when I get home @ 5 The Drive is currently running in PIO Mode....it won't let me change it to DMA
  14. Hello guys, I am very very frustrated!!! I bought a 250GB Maxtor 6L250R0 Diamond Max 10 (ATA/133) hard drive for my system but it is running very very slow…the uncached speed is running at 2MB/s and it should be closer to 26MB/s…I have done everything I can think of : I have defragged the drive, disabled background programs, made sure that write cache is enabled, the disk cluster size is 4kb, I bought a brand new 80 conductor cable, tried updating the driver for the disk but it is the newest driver, I uninstalled the IDE ATA Controllers and let windows re-install them on restart, I updated my bios to add LBA so that the full 250GB would be recognized and not just 137GB. I ran the PowerMax utility and the drive passed every single test (I did them all----it took a looong time) I am confused about the DMA though…..in Device Manager, the Transfer Mode is set to DMA is Available but the Current Transfer Mode is set to PIO Mode and it won’t let me change it to DMA ? In by Bios the drive shows PIO [4] and DMA [6] Why won’t is let me change it to DMA Mode in Device Manager???? The test showing my uncached speed is not false because with my old drive (Maxtor 80GB) I used to back-up a dvd in less then an hour, now with this drive it takes almost 2.5hrs. Here is some of my systems info that I copied from my Everest Report : I have searched the internet for hours and hours and I am going insane! Thank you for any help you can give me Computer: Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS Service Pack Service Pack 2 Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180 DirectX (DirectX 9.0) Motherboard: CPU Type AMD Athlon-PECM, 1200 MHz (9 x 133) Motherboard Name Asus A7A266 (5 PCI, 1 AGP Pro, 1 AMR, 5 DIMM) Motherboard Chipset ALi M1647 ALiMAGiK 1 System Memory 512 MB (DDR SDRAM) BIOS Type Award Medallion (03/01/02) Processor Properties: Manufacturer AuthenticAMD Version AMD Athlon Processor External Clock 133 MHz Maximum Clock 1700 MHz Current Clock 1200 MHz Type Central Processor Voltage 1.8 V Status Enabled Socket Designation SOCKET A IDE Controller ALi M5229 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller BIOS Properties: Vendor Award Software, Inc. Version ASUS A7A266 ACPI BIOS Revision 1011 Release Date 03/01/2002 Size 256 KB Boot Devices Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, CD-ROM Capabilities Flash BIOS, Shadow BIOS, Selectable Boot, EDD Supported Standards DMI, APM, ACPI, ESCD, PnP Expansion Capabilities PCI, AGP, USB System BIOS Date 03/01/02 Video BIOS Date 05/04/13 Award BIOS Type Award Modular BIOS v6.0 Award BIOS Message ASUS A7A266 ACPI BIOS Revision 1011 DMI BIOS Version ASUS A7A266 ACPI BIOS Revision 1011
  15. Hmmmm.......I'm not sure what bios version I have I am running windows XP but I don't have sp1 installed, I'll try updating my bios with the version you told me about. Thanks for your help I'll let you know how it goes
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