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    Polywell 900NF3, Athlon 64-FX53, C-drive=2/36Gb Raptors in Raid 0 and Fat 32, D=120GB, E=250 Gb, 1024 MB memory, Nvidia GeForceFx5900 128M 8X AGP Graphics,CD/DVD:Toshiba 16 X DVD ROM EIDE Drive,CDRW:52x32x52 EIDE Rewritable CDRW Drive W/SW, Thermaltake Aquarius III water cooling system; Second system-3.4EE on Vapochill, P4C800-E mobo, 6800GT (if it works), 2/36 Gb Raptors in Raid 0 and Fat 32, Lian Li case, Thermaltake 560 W PSU, and Viewsonic 22in. P220F CRT.
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    Overclocking Club
  1. Update:My Webpage4258 Count this one instead:My Webpage4335
  2. Good here Flew, my wife clamped down on my PC spending though . Other then that, great. How about you? It's a bit chilly up my way right now, 27 here. I've got the window up in my computer room, has it about 52 in this room right now.
  3. Is it too late for me to toss my hat in the ring? I hope not. Here goes:My Webpage 4196
  4. Wow Remember when a 2000 was a nice score? Those are some nice systems mentioned :beer:
  5. PayPal and ebay don't offer very good protection. An example from personal experience to illustrate. I bought an FX57 on ebay awhile back, at a price too good to be true, which should have been the first tip-off to me, but lesson learned. I paid the person and they sent me the package, but it did not contain the cpu. I filed a complaint with PayPal, and they said I had to file a police report which I tried to do. I contacted my local police dept., and they said I needed to contact the police dept. where the seller lived. I did that, but the ploice said they did not take complaints over the
  6. No problem, I'd like to keep increasing the other scores, but can't keep the 7900 stable.
  7. New score 3d03-same as last time=20889 3d05=10322My Webpage 3d06=same as last time=5626 CrystalMark=My Webpage ALU=22179 FPU=25804 MEM=15241 HDD=14683 Total=104300 Opty 175 Dual Core @various speeds (from about 2950 to 3034) 1gb RedLine PC4000 2 36 gb Raptors Evga 7900GT CO Superclocked (single) Vapo
  8. Good to see you back amongst us!! You could get a nice X2 or Opty for that price, I have both and love em. A Conroe is very enticing though. Look at Sho's scores
  9. First score pre-SLI (another 7900GT CO Superclocked due Tues. or Wed.) 3d03=20889My Webpage 3d05=10169My Webpage 3d06=5626My Webpage ALU=21515 FPU=25020 MEM=14932 HDD=12881 My Webpage Calculated score=100588 Opty 175 2947 (267x11) Mushkin RedLine PC4000 512x2 2 Raptors (36gb) in Raid0 Single Evga 7900GT CO Superclocked (until Wed.) Vapo Dual Core Where thing:if I run a higher O/C my score will go down on the tests for some reason. It's a start
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