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  1. Problems loading the registry on Windows 98 machine are fond memories. I have a little hack I used to use to keep my registry fairly clean back in those days, and also keep the size down. The following steps will rebuild your registry, and in the process it will not add in program information, etc about programs you no longer have installed, and it should give you a brand new clean registry. You might also want to be familiar with DOS commands before trying this. WARNING: ANY REGISTRY HACK CAN BE HAZARDOUS SO BE CAREFUL AND ONLY FOLLOW AT YOUR OWN RISK....THIS IS A COOL WINDOWS 95/98 HACK
  2. Phew, just set my system back up (you guys remember me with the lowly 1gig fx-51/53 and radeon 9800xt...I just installed all my regular drivers and didnt even optimize anything yet and im already owning you noobs :beer: at 1900 lol. Dude hang around a while you will learn a lot from these guys who you think are mocking you. In my sig is a test I just took unoptimized. No longer am I overclocking my parts I'm sick of having to RMA hard drives cause I'm going toooo fast lmao
  3. SO much for my theory...the WOW doesnt even seem to be running on that last test unless I missed something.
  4. Hey and let us know if you got it working so we can stop researching, or else you will have some people on here working on a solution for days Good luck
  5. Don't take the 16 bit driver thing as gospel though, I just remember back in the day thgat if you had 16bit drivers loaded it wouldn't run in the right mode and it would slow things down a lot. (Protected Mode maybe?) Basically Windows will run ontop of an emulator (sort of) that translated Win32 calls to Win16 calls and also made sure that the 16bit apps couldn't run amuck with your memory. That's all I remember from those days. The good ol WOW (windows on windows). Same thing happens when you run the 64 bit Windows in 32 bit mode, but the WOW system on that OS has gotten much better at
  6. J RAM you are 100% correct. They pop those up and tell you to pay them so they can tell you the same thing we did. That messenger service is for networks so you can send messages to other computers over the network. You have no need for it nor will you probably ever, so stop that service and disable it. Good call J RAM. And with J RAM's solution this case is solved unless you need detailed instructions...in that case send me $10 in the mail. No. Here it is detailed out step by step 1. Click on Start button 2. Click on Run and type services.msc 3. Look over in the right pane, then
  7. I'm not positive this is a problem, but check this out guys and gals and maybe someone else can either say yay or nay to me. ntvdm.exe ... this is the Window 16-bit Virtual Machine, so something is running in 16 bit mode. Isn't it true that when the Windows 16-bit Virtual Machine has to run in order to accomodate 16 bit drivers/apps that it slows the entire system down? Help me out here Edit: It seems to me that he has a 16 bit driver somewhere loaded up. Once we find that, and once we update that driver I think performance should increase. I'll see if I can't find it. 7% syste
  8. Fielding was probing Dr. Rice to look at coordination problems and legal roadblocks that prevented the FBI and the CIA from sharing intelligence prior to 9/11, and to try to answer the question "through a pre-9/11 lens". This is why she makes "the most interesting statement of all" that more exactly is: Prior to 9/11 and with the vague information that she was given about terrorist operations, in her opinion the reform would have taken a longer time to implement, because what exactly needed to be done was also vague. After the attacks it became apparent what needed to be done and acti
  9. If my son turned out to be gay ..fine for him I wouuld support his decision. I could never hate a child of mine. But he would know that since he's gay he ain't gettin in the boy scouts and I would let him know that raising a child with another man is completely unacceptable...but that's still his choice in this country. A son of mine would be more than content in not "needing" to be legally married in order to share the beauty of a relationship. He would be confident in himself to hopefully not feed into the gay hype and not need to use that as a crutch for him to move along life with. Good
  10. What does trust have to do with the President's choice to outlaw Gay marriages? And Bruce, you think he is forfeiting the election? Why won't you run for president then, that way you can inject you superior ideals into the courtrooms and schools thoughout the nation. Edit: Either way, there will always be "civil unions" and there is never going to be a goverment in place to stop that from happening. When these people start trying to raise children and push their lifestyle onto others is where I draw the line. So what if you are gay and living with your partner? Why must everyone feel as i
  11. I'm sorry but I have a problem with gays in general. No I'm not homophobic, and I do have gay friends in my life. I have a problem with gay stereotypes portrayed on television and then the people in real life who believe this is how they should act since they are gay. If you are a gay woman that means you find the female body beautiful, which it is. Then why would you make yourself to look as much like a man as possible then. It all makes no sense. Enough about that however. Mr President made a very well informed and a very positive decision. My children will not be growing up around fam
  12. Adam, I'm sorry your post for an answer has brought out the worst in people and that you are being flamed for it. Some people just feel that it's necessary to point out always how much higher they sit on the pedestal called life. You aren't a Saint, but all you did was ask a question and a lot of the responses were unnecessary and geared only in other's proclaiming how much better a person they are to you. It continues that way throughout life Adam no matter how old you get, so you might consider how you word a question in the future so you can weed out those who only have something to prove f
  13. So you've never noticed me hanging out outside your windows in the evenings? Or never saw me in that blue van following you around when you go shopping? Well dang. You'll see me eventually, I promise J/k of course. Say hi to felicity and tory (not sure if tory comes on anymore, tory from hamilton nz) for me while you're still down under . Nice to meet you btw and the wife (in my avatar) says hello as well.
  14. We have a lot of Type O fans in here. I was listening to Wolf Moon prior to Galaxie. Damn we have some good taste in here.
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