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  1. New PC Matic user here. Tried installing PC Matic on an old 32 bit desktop running Windows XP. Installation seemed to go OK but when PC Matic launched I received a long message saying basically that it could not find server or DNS error. Contacted PC Matic support and they sent me a long list of things to do to correct this problem, mainly a list of things involving fixes for Internet Explorer. Since I use Firefox I did not try the fixes and decided to try PC Matic on a 64 bit Windows 8.1 laptop. Installation went OK and I started a scan. The scan took about an hour and downloaded almost 700 MB of data. After the scan I noticed that Firefox and Adobe Acrobat had been "upgraded" to the latest versions. Is this normal operating procedure for PC Matic? I really do not want any programs updated without my consent.
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