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  1. The power/reset buttons work fine, as do the reset/shut down commands in Windows. It just doesn't always start back up like it's supposed to.
  2. Hmm, I hadn't even considered that the power supply could be the problem. My problem has continued to evolve. I can now reboot fine, but can't completely shut down and then boot up. I think it's fine as long as the power isn't off for more than a second or two. I am 100% sure that it didn't used to be able to reboot at all before, and I don't understand at all how installing Windows 7 changed this, unless it's a massive coincidence that it happened at the same time.
  3. So, this is getting weirder than it already was. I installed Windows 7 by putting my hard drive into my friend's computer and then switching it back into mine after it loaded the initial windows installation files. The rest of the installation went fine, and Windows 7 is running great. However, my computer has developed the ability to reboot without my reseting the CMOS, but only if it is a reboot connected with Windows Updates. Yes, that's right. If I shut it off normally and reboot, I have to reset the CMOS. But I had to do an auto-reboot several times for Windows Updates, and once to
  4. Ok, I picked one up at Radio Shack this morning (it was slightly more than $2), and put it in, but it still does the same thing. Oh well, now I have a spare in case I need one. Any other ideas? I suppose I could put the hard drive in another computer, install Windows 7, then put it back in my computer. I'd rather not have to do that, though, since I don't have another computer readily available.
  5. @Lola - yes, I unplug the pc before I mess with the jumpers @Joe C - I'll try to pick one up tomorrow and let you know what happens. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Yes, I switch it over to the middle and right pins for 30 seconds then put it back to the middle and left pins.
  7. Thanks, but I'd have a bit of trouble with step 9: "Your USB drive is ready to boot and install Windows 7/Vista. Only thing you need to change the boot priority at the BIOS to USB from the HDD or CD ROM drive."
  8. I put a used battery in that was working fine last time I used it, and I just checked the bios and it has the correct date and time.
  9. I tried changing the battery, and it didn't fix it. I exit and save changes, but when you do that it has to reboot for the new setting to take effect, and they never take effect because I have to reset the bios to do the reboot.
  10. I have this problem with my motherboard where I have to reset the cmos in order to get it to boot (other wise the screen just goes black), meaning that I have to reset the cmos every time I reboot (it's not the battery, so I'm guessing it's a short circuit somewhere). It's annoying, but I've lived with it, but now I have a problem. I picked up Windows 7 (I have XP right now), and discovered that I can't install it because I can't set my bios to boot from cd. if I set the bios to boot from cd, I then have to reset the cmos to get it to boot up, which resets all the bios settings back to the
  11. I understand that it's spread thin, and it's usually slow as heck, but recently it's been so slow I can't even load pages. I had to retry the pitstop internet connection test a few times just to get it to make it through it.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm on a school network with three T1 lines (about 450 students), and the internet is insanely slow recently (the last two weeks or so). I just took the pitstop internet speed test and it said it was running at 28 kilobits per second. Is there anything I can do to increse the speed from my end, or is it entirely in the hands of our IT department? Thanks.
  13. It says it can't find a driver for it. Is one available for download somewhere?
  14. Well, I just disabled it today, but perhaps it was causing problems because it is not working properly? I tried removing it and rebooting, but it still isn't working properly.
  15. None. It's a windows error when I'm moving files from one hard-drive to another.
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