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    AMD 2600+ OC'd to a 3000+, 512 MB 2700 ram, 128MB Ti4600, 120 GB HD
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  1. Are you looking at the link to the first or second test? The first link I posted is with 512MB of ram and the second link I posted is with 1024MB of ram.
  2. I don't see any options in this program to configure my ram. Any ideas?
  3. Where do you see 2 X 256mb? Here's what it says when I go there:RAM installed 1024 MB Windows RAM 1024 MB Total RAM slots 3 Available RAM slots 1 Max RAM module size 32 MB Memory Type 512+0+512;DIMM,Unknown,;T16 Speed Rating 5256 MB/s (101% of 253 similar) Also, my motherboard supports 2 GB of 3200 ram, so that's not the problem.
  4. I recently upgraded from 2 256MB sticks of pc2700 Centon ram to 2 512 sticks of pc3200 Ultra ram, and have had a drop in performance. What the hecK? Here's a test with the 512MB: link and here's the new test: link. Especially notice the hard drive I/O speeds, which have dropped a TON. Any ideas on why it's so slow? Thanks, Sikkibahm
  5. But I can't get into Windows with the card that doesn't work, so I can't do that.
  6. Ok, I tried using it in a different compuer, and it works fine. I don't overclock it, and it is in a HP Pavilion 762n. There's nothing to do in the bios that I can see. How do I get rid of the drivers for it?
  7. My video card is a GeForce MX440, and I'm having some problems with it. It has been working fine for years, then suddenly it went crazy. When the computer starts, everything is fine. I see the XP bar going across, but then the screen turns black, and stays black. I can hear my computer booting into Windows, but I can't see anything. I tried changing to an MX420 video card, and it does the same thing. Then I tried an old Riva video card, and it works fine. Any ideas on what's wrong? Thanks, Jesse
  8. Yea, it's the power supply. I guess thats better than a mobo. Thanks for the help.
  9. Tried that, and it didn't work. I'm pretty sure it's the motherboard. Any suggestions for a mobo under $80 that would work with an AMD 2600?
  10. Ok, so my computer was working great until today. I was printing off a paper for a friend, and went to pull out the usb storage keychain, and accidentally touched the sound cord and it made my speakers buzz for a split second, and then the computer turned off. Now if I hit the power button nothing happens. The light on the motherboard is still on, so the power supply is working. Any ideas on what happened or how to fix it? Could it be the circut board which the power button hooks into? Thanks, Sikkibahm
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