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  1. Shortening the Problem - The TouchPad Might have bad touch filter or an water is affecting/causing the mouse go crazy, also this problem could be called as "Ghost Touch" You said it clicks everthing right?, maybe the caps in the touchpad circuit might shorted by fluid or etc. or just a broken mousepad, i've had this problem 5 years ago i guess.
  2. Right Click Taskbar or press down CTRL+SHIFT+ESC should pop-up a window called Task Manager, Find the application in "Details Tab" you want to modify the usage of cpu and gpu, Right click that app/software Then find "Set Priority" From context menu, and pick a option, WARNING Dont Put it on realtime unless you have an good CPU/GPU, Or it would cause your pc to Freeze Drastically and also causing a bsod.
  3. Sorry For the Bump, #2 - 07 error meaning there's another drive bay *Even its Not There* Its an bug back then, this is an advice, its not your hdd getting bad, theres an bug/glitch happening in your bios. its completely normal to see this. Also this warning should only show on hp Desktop computers.
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