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  1. Thanks for the advice. If it can't be fixed, I'll post back on this forum.
  2. Yes, he's been doing an awesome job but my most recent thing is the browser extension that can't get removed.
  3. Hello, Last month I got hacked by someone and had accounts logged in to and assets stolen from me. The good people over at another forum helped me (hopefully) get rid of the major malware that got the hacker all my info, but there is a browser extension that won't delete and can't seem to be detected by my anti-viruses. (Malware Bytes, RogueKiller, HitmanPro, just to name a few) Since then, I'm still kind of paranoid to log into accounts on my PC. At the moment, from what I can see, the browser extension is called "yFaceDrive" by "Drive Face" that is on my PC somewhere popping up unwanted tabs of ads. I have a few browsers on my PC for different purposes but I can see this extension is in my Brave Browser and Microsoft Edge. The only thing I can do to stop these pop up ads is turning off the extension. Every time I restart my PC the extension turns itself back on. If this extension can't be detected by anti-viruses, I'm worried there are other malware/viruses lurking in my PC still. I really don't want to refresh my windows but that may be my last resort. (Hopefully not) I DEFINITELY am trying to avoid reinstalling my OS. Ideally, I would prefer to just find the infections, get rid of them completely, and continue on with my current programs and files in tact. That would be best. If there's anything PCMatic can do to help me with my problem, I'd be incredibly grateful. Hoping for the best, bye for now.
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