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  1. How ironic. For the past few weeks, my computer has been unable to connect to any network. Recently, another PC on my network contracted similar issues. Neither device can connect to the internet, wifi, or hotspot. I have restarted my PC several times, and managed to run PC Matic. However, the scan stopped right before it began to scan for malware. My device now has not been connected to the internet for 5 hours straight (occasionally my internet will return, but turns off again if I go to any website that might help me solve my issue, like Google, YouTube, Discord, and CNET.) I have school assignments due almost every day. I don't have time or knowledge to locate malware and remove it. Is there a way to run PC Matic without internet? I cannot protect my PC without using the internet, which is very annoying when I am trying to remove a malware that obstructs said internet. FYI: My drivers and internet sticks are fine. No issues. I have ruled out everything but malware.
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