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  1. I have been using PC-Matic for several years. Sometime after summer 2020, I began having a problem running Java -- it delays starting for 4 seconds, maybe 10, sometimes even 25. I have a new desktop with 16 GB of RAM, it is a 64-bit machine, Java and Windows are all up to date. I write Java software and compile and run it from a DOS-style window ( i.e. Windows' cmd.exe ). Never had a problem. After trial-and-error, I discovered that if I turn off SuperShield (until reboot or for some shorter time, as per the option from the system tray for the PC-Matic icon), this problem goes away consistently. I also discovered that when the program will not start, entering Ctrl-C will 'break' whatever is waiting and the program will run. Is there any info on this kind of problem? I emailed tech support 3 times in the last 3 months and have not heard anything.... is something broken there? Below is a screenshot where I ran a 'batch' file to show the time, get the java version, then get the time again. In this image, it took 11 seconds for Java to start. Thank for any insight... or a fix!
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