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  1. Nigsy - I have Open Office! Yay, but -- when I try to open a sdocx file, OO asks for the format to use. There are about 75 different ones, from JPG to Lotus to Autocad to Sylk. I've tried a few of the obvious ones, but no joy. Any suggestions? My research indicates these are "secure Winword documents", likely in the docx format MS changed to a while back. I had hoped Winword would open it, but again, no joy. Any other ideas? Thanks for the reply, btw.
  2. Long story short, my Samsung Galaxy A10 got damaged (yes, it was me! ). I had a lot of saved notes in the Notes app. The phone was virtually unusable, but I did manage to access it and "save" my notes, some in PDF format, many in SDOCX format. Nothing I've found yet on the intertubes allows me to open, view, or convert them to something other than gobbledy-:filtered:. Any suggestions? TIA
  3. Duplicate File Finder by Ashisoft works great and quickly. The free version doesn't allow deleting from the results screen, but I just view my explorer folders and delete manually.
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