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  1. Looks what this is what I got https://community.barracudanetworks.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28651-access-denied-barracuda-user/ " Good day, Barracuda Community. I am currently working as an IT Support, and I was able to meet this kind of error below twice already with our users. Access Denied This link you are accessing has been blocked by the Barracuda Web Security Gateway because it contains belonging to the category of: Search Engine & Portals If you believe this is an error or need to access this link please contact your admin
  2. So now, I suddenly have to use the free proxy to connect at all, I guess because of the Barracuda security system banning the IP address. Maybe that happened on my desktop. But I dont get the same message on the laptop. It says No IPv6, or sometimes No Network access, but I can still get access with the proxy, at least for now. Funny thing is, I wasn't doing anything that involved a proxy on the desktop on any of the nights before the Wifi went down. Is there a way to use the settings of the laptop on the desktop, to set a specific address to fix the preferred 169?
  3. I dont know who you're quoting, but again, I have no access to router / modem. Crazy thing happened tonight. I was using a proxy to access gamefaqs message board, which for some odd reason I get insecure connection message normally. The proxy stopped working, and I went to find others, none of those worked. I could connect find to here, youtube, anywhere else with it set to "Auto Detect Proxy," but I even tried setting it to No Proxy, and soon as I tried to load a youtube video, it died, for like an hour. Then I tried using the original proxy that stopped working to begin with. Now
  4. No router, this is the Wifi are our apt complex, even they do not so much as touch it without a tech expert. Seriously, they wont even turn it off and on. No other network I can connect to that is not password protected. My only phone is a cheap free phone that only does calls and texts.
  5. I tried the system restore, but it didn't go back early enough. I even tried deleting the profile, which did not help, that was done recently, and was not undone by the restore, so it doesnt make a profile. I have to manually type the wifi password when connecting, then it immediately connects but has no IP4 or IP6. I run diagnose and it tells me I am not connected to an available network, so I select it again, enter passwrd again, and then it says the doesnt have a valid ip configuration. I can't do a full system recovery, I have games installed that I dont have the setup files for anymore, a
  6. That was quick. yes I tried the netsh codes. no driver updates. Thanks for chiming in, Tx Redneck, I was considering using the system restore, looks like a good idea. Its odd the way it happened, since they actually got rid of the Wifi for a while in favor of using the computer labs, but some people complained about how this affected their online business opportunities. It was definitely down for about a month, because I kept checking both computers. Its as though the desktop was still seeing the network the way it was before, not as it is now. Its an HP Pavillian with a separate r
  7. My Win7 Desktop and Win7 Laptop both connect to the Free Wifi in my apartment complex. On 8/26/2020 it was down for about a month. Now recently, my Laptop is able to connect but my desktop will not. Diagnose tells me Wireless Network Connection doesn't have a Valid IP Configuration. I have tried the easier solutions I could find online, that involve opening CMD and ipconfig /release, /dnsflush, /renew, as well as the Ntsch commands, followed by restarting computer. My only AV is Malwarebytes, manual scan only, no Antivirus operating in the background. Nothing on my system has changed since the
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