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  1. Thanks alot, i will try this. I am also looking for best Windows PC Health Check App. suggest me.
  2. I am running 64 bit windows, but failed to install blue tooth driver.
  3. The link you provided superuser.com after following the instruction provided here is showing a message like: The update is not applicable to your computer. i tried here also: support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/microsoft-security-advisory-insecure-library-loading-could-allow-remote-code-execution-486ea436-2d47-27e5-6cb9-26ab7230c704 but failed.
  4. When I am trying to install Bluetooth driver for windows 7 (BT_21.40.5_32_Win7) I am getting an error. ( The procedure entry point SetDefaultDllDirectories could not be located in the dynamic link KERNAL32.dll) Actually, I want to play songs or videos from pc with the help of BlueTooth dongle via bluetooth supporting speaker. How to fix this problem. If this is right place to ask tech question, if not delete my question. Thank you..
  5. After installing the PC Matic Demo- for my pc, a message is showing on screen. why this is neccesary to install PCMatic ActiveX.
  6. How are you celebrating Christmas and New Year 2021 and say good by 2020, because the era of corona pandemic is not yet over? Please share your plan?
  7. Thank you admin. For educational purpose i wanted to know that not for spamming or illegal work in future i will never ask these type of question.
  8. How to Check Windows Is Genuine or Cracked which is installed on PC? Only give an easy way.
  9. Good information for me today i uninstall win10 due to regular update problem, after reading sevenforums article. Thank you.
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