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  1. Alright Tx. Thanks so much. Just as an aside. I live in Waco. You anywhere near? Just curious.
  2. So if I'm understanding you, it could be my cpu and not the RAM or mobo? Great! lol.
  3. Hi, thanks for answering. Yes, I do have matching pairs. Yes, I have done the CMOS reset. I've even done as the mfr said and gone into the bios (up to date) and reloaded default and then set the XMP to 2400 and still nothing. ASRock replied and said that it sounds like defective DIMM slots. That seems weird to me. This literally just happened on an ASUS ROG Strix x570-e mobo. I replaced it with this board. Two boards in a row? Hmm.
  4. My system: ASRock B550 TAICHI mobo, Ryzen 7 3700x, GSKILL Ripjaw 1x 16 gig RAM, MSI Radeon RX 5700XT MECH OC. My problem: When I try to put more than one stick of RAM in I get a C5 Q Code. No matter the configuration, no matter how many. If it's more than one stick I get this code and no post. Right now I have my one stick in the B1 slot. The thing is this is not the first time this happened. I just bought this B550 to Replace an ASUS ROG Strix x570-e board for the same reason. Can anyone help my please? Desperation is setting in. Thank you much.
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