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  1. Before purchasing PC Matic, I was using AVG Free, which contained a file shredder function. Is there a similar file shredder function in PC Matic or PC Magnum? Perhaps it's there, but with a different name or description?
  2. Regarding, the PayPal issue, everything is fine. I was able to purchase both PCMatic and PC Magnum. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your help, and thanks.
  3. Okay. I see you removed the option to use PayPal. So I'll just be content with another anti-virus program. Thanks, anyway. Maybe those bad customer service reviews were the right ones after all.
  4. I would really like to have PC Matic, but if you can't fix the PayPal link in you shopping cart, I guess I'll just have to be content with the free BitDefender that came on my new computer.
  5. Cleared the browser cache. Still doesn't work. Was the problem across all of PayPal, or was it specifically between PayPal and PC Matic? I had contacted PayPal before I posted on this forum. All they would say was that there was no problem with my account. According to their status page, for which you posted a link, it was fixed Saturday night, but here it is Monday morning. Am I the only one seeing this problem? ???
  6. Anyone know why PayPal won't work on the PC Matic shopping cart? Just got a new computer, and I wanted to purchase PC Matic. I've tried throughout the day yesterday and today. When I click on "Proceed To PayPal", I get a message with the PayPal logo saying "Things don't seem to be working at this moment. Try again later." I much prefer to use PayPal instead of using my credit card number every time I want to purchase something. Also, since I'm here, Is there any reason I should also purchase the installation CD?
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