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  1. Thanks for the help! I had no idea Farmville was ending. Seems like they could go to one of these new programs. Wish I could remember what other programs I have which required Flash Player. I got locked out of my Facebook a year ago. So, my Farm has been running without me. lol I never planted, you have to harvest EVERY day, or lose it. I learned to grow trees, my farm was a giant orchard, trees have no time limit to be harvested, and they paid well. So, I was able to "buy" houses, animals, etc..my farm was more of an art project. I miss it. My Facebook got hacked by Germans WHILE
  2. Okay, thank you. At this moment, the only one I can remember asking for an update of Flash Player, was Farmville. I know there were others, I just can't remember which! So, I guess I have to wait for it to ask for an update. I HOPE it is NOT Ancestry.com! Since I really don't know what function Flash Player provided, it makes it hard to know. Thanks for your help. Donna
  3. So, I DuckDuckGo'ed "HTML5", clicked a tutorial, and I'm left with the impression, HTML5 is about coding? Creating programs? Although, I started in 95, MS-DOS, Wins 3.1, with floppy discs,the C:// Dos prompt, .dir\p, P$G$, and *.* , I never really coded. I partitioned my drives, once! But, that was as far as my computer skills went. Adobe Flash Player was automatic, I never had to code anything for it. Updated occasionally. I hoped to find an equivalent, which also runs automatically, and occasionally needs an update. IS there anything which does what Adobe Flash Player does...automatically?
  4. I keep getting "Adobe Flash Player Death" messages. SAYS Adobe Flash Player will end Dec 21, 2020. ANYONE else get these? I turn on my laptop, and BAM, 1st thing! IF, this is true, I don't know of ANYTHING which can replace it! Does anyone know of a good replacement for Adobe Flash Player? Some programs and games won't run without it!! I HAVE to find something compatible, free, would be great! I don't even know what to CALL the replacement. Not sure if it's graphic, or what! WHAT am I shopping for?! PLEASE help?! I'm afraid I will lose the use of some programs, which are very important to
  5. Can't get past it. Don't know what font it wants. Pulling my hair out!!
  6. I'm getting this message all of my Android devices...
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