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  1. I have looked through the support forum and see that an initial "Full" scan will take some time, but I think two days for a scan seems a little excessive, I have yet to be able to complete a full scan because I can't be without my computer for three or four days. I also read that if you have to use the Alt F4 it will restart and pick perform faster, yet this is not the case! I fianlly let PCMatic work in the background although your software recommends against this, but I had no choice and it finally made it through the Phase 2 stage, Phase 3 went rather quickly but then Phase
  2. I finally found a link that worked, apparently some of your web pages don't have the full link
  3. I keep trying to get support but apparently nothing with this program seems to work!!!! Scan is taking over 12 hours I don't think this is normal from what I read but even the support Link throws an ERROR https://www.pcmatic.com/support How do you get support????? Tony
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