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  1. I've allowed the Help Desk to resolve these issues for almost 30 days and it would appear they have run out of options or solutions as the problem continues and includes PCMagnum will not open after scan. Before downloading these programs, the machine (Windows 7) was operating with Malwarebytes and CCleaner. Both these programs were removed utilizing utilities provided by your team and the problems still persist. As a footnote, I have a second PC running PCMatic with Windows 10 and have the same issue in that PCMatic will open after a fresh start but after a period of several hours it fails t
  2. That is true and checks with Repair Active X and Overdrive has not resolved the problem and not longer receiving feed back from the help desk. So at this point we are "out of the box" and the forum seems a good place to start.
  3. There are a number of threads on this topic and in this case Super Shield opens just fine after startup or a reboot. The problem arises after a period of time working at my PC. It is then PCMatic will not open or otherwise times out. I checked the Active X setting and that the cache is empty. Its only after a reboot that the program will open but again after a period of time it will not. Would like some suggestions beyond the normal advise given.
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