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  1. I want to perform a Repair Install so I have to shut down PCmatic and Supershield for hours (until the Repair Install is finished). How do I do that? Thank you......
  2. I just found that I'm missing the PowerShell (administrator) shortcut as well as the Windows System Tools shortcuts. PC Matic is the only app I have installed that cleans up my PC. Anybody else have these problems? HINT: You may have to check out these things to see if they're missing on your system. I found out by accident by trying to open PowerShell (administrator) using the Start Menu. Also, how will I get notified with responses to this post?
  3. It seems like if I want to change an existing schedule, I have to create a new one - then delete the old one (the one I wanted to edit).
  4. Just purchased PC Matic and registered my PC (Windows 10).Then I added PC Matic to my Android phone - but it doesn't show as a second device on my PC screen of PC Matic.
  5. On my Windows 10 PC, I want to add websites that are whitelist Ed so that they will accept banners. There doesn't seem to be any way to add these site - only a way to delete them.
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