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  1. Who is running this site now? Apparently I am not a member but a newbie? Lumped in with guests. Been here since 2003 ...when this place was great....Started one of the most active threads on the board.....Who says I'm no longer a member? All rhetorical questions of course...Cancel on .....
  2. Real nice spot...congrats to you and the Miss's. Hows your internet speed?
  3. No Canadian! Back to IE for me.
  4. Have you tried updating or removing and reinstalling Java?
  5. so how'd you make out on this one?
  6. http://www.google.ca/search?q=% http://seoroot.com/blog/windows-xp/acer-invilink%E2%84%A2-nplify%E2%84%A2-80211bgdraft-n-wlan-drivers.html
  7. I'm just happy to be off the road and home. amen
  8. Did my license in 2006 and have instructed and administered the tests since then. Way to go Wayne..... It became mandatory here last year. Lots of unskilled operators are now off the waterways.
  9. That's a concern for us as your trading partner...especially considering our high quality Nickel...wink wink.As a O/O freight broker I can tell you that Dougs concern for fuel tax's is legitimate and problematic. The Average North American Family can expect a 20% increase in food costs in the next 12 to 18 months. Some of us will absorb it better than others but as a Keystone economic element, food cost will affect all other economic sectors, at a bad time Boy would it ever be nice for everyone's economy if Diesel for Commercial Purposes was fixed at a set price.
  10. They've locked us out here in the commonwealth as well...eurotrash
  11. Perhaps,if not,the foremost Rock Trio. With Bubbles and Ed for back up.
  12. Don't blame the Yanks mate...I'm a Canuck. That was funny...now.
  13. What does 'Mixin-me-toasties.' mean in english?
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