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  1. Perhaps,if not,the foremost Rock Trio. With Bubbles and Ed for back up.
  2. Hey Dumm Dumm...you got gum gum? EDIT:LOL
  3. Glad the suite is great cause you sure picked a wet week to visit. Hang out at the falls you won't know if its rain or mist....lol If you end up near London PM me.
  4. Hmmmmph....My lawyers will be in touch................
  5. Well now first of all I had to go all the way back to late Sept., and page 6 to find a Topic that had 0 replies. Well done loyal Pit Membership.... you guru's of cyberspace you............ Run a pittest and post a link to your results back here so we can see whats what with your computer....... The link below will show you how to do this.... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress/howto1.asp Now there's A good piece of advice for all you youngsters tuning in out there... Be patient and someone knowledgeable will be alone to help you soon. Humbluemoon
  6. Happy Birthday Jazzy!!! Hiya Hawk..nice to see you John....very nice.
  7. http://www.toilette-humor.com/the-man-song.html Tell your wife to leave the room....
  8. Is that the name of the package? GUI tool?I had xgl working great but broke my Nvida kernel (don't ask..all is well after 5-6 hours of mucking about) when switching back to Xorg.
  9. You all should get your separate states to unite in some way. You could call it the United States or something like that....oh wait...never mind.
  10. http://www.shockfamily.net/cedric/knoppix/ Try the above.
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