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  1. Running Windows 10 x64 and computer has been a little slow for last week. I attributed it to a notice from Centurylink that a major fiber cable was damaged about that time in my area. Left the machine up while tending the kitchen and it had gone to sleep when I returned. Attempted to resume, but got a message that for some unknown reason the PIN login was not accessible so I chose password log which I haven't used in probably 2 years. I have been unsuccessful in logging in. I wondered since this machine has been on PC matic service for a couple of years is it possible to have them do a remote logon reset or repair. Laptop is Dell Latitude E6430 running Win 10 x64 All file data is backed up on a removable 5T HD only software resides on the laptop Do not have repair disk of copy of OS as it is a refurbished unit with the Refurbished Key product sticker attached. Found an online repair at passfab.com which can be loaded to a CD to recover from this issue anyone know of this?
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