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  1. Update. I was connected with Tech Support. Their directions as followed didn't initially solve the issue because they advised to uninstall and download again. I couldn't do either because the software was never installed to uninstall and it did not allow me to download and complete an installation. However, I eventually found that the key to fixing my problem was simply to click on the IGNORE button after the download fails. Two choices, RETRY and ABORT, did nothing to fix anything. The third option to click on, IGNORE has a warning that advises the IGNORE path is not recommended which
  2. Hey Tx! Your last message told me to do exactly what I explained to you in MY last message that I had already done. Refer to my three responses above. Yet, just now, I tried it all again about six more times and it remains the same. The "Tech Support" appears at the top of the page in a green bar with an X. Attached to that, a white space opens up to about a one inch height and stops. Clicking on that white space does nothing to open it up and doesn't allow me to type any text into it. It is a dead end....doesn't work. Question....Referring to my original request for hel
  3. In other words...I can't even open up a help ticket to get any help.
  4. The link to "support" takes me back to the same list of canned questions. Clicking on the bottom "Issue Not Here" takes me up to a green bar "Technical Support" at the top that dead ends. Nothing opens up to provide a space to type in a question, just stops. Can u suggest any other rabbit holes I have to jump into or is there a body that can talk me thru this and solve my problem, probably within about two minutes?
  5. Yes, the red banner is there. I'll try your link to support but I think I've already been there. All I gotten so far are "canned" questions that don't apply to this particular problem. You're the first "live" response I've been able to squeeze out of this site. Heading for the support link now.
  6. Attempts to install PC Matic have been unsuccessful. The first indication that something may be going wrong with the installation is as follows: At the "Preparing to Install" screen a RedX warning states: "The following applications are using files that need to be updated by Setup. It is recommended that you allow Setup to automatically close the application. After the installation has completed, Setup will attempt to restart the application". Inside the text box, "PCPitstop Scheduling" is identified as the "offending" application. The solution "automatically close the
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