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  1. Hi Juliet, good to see you are still here, and helping people out.
  2. Unfortunately I just found out about Ykawika passing two years ago, that is what prompted me to pop back in. Then I see CB also passed on. This breaks my heart, these guys were great friends in years past, I had spoken with both on the phone. They will be missed by many I am sure. Anyways, I am doing alright, I still work on computers for folks, but don't spend a pile of money on them anymore, I moved from racing bikes off road all my life, to riding the streets on a Harley. How are you doing? Yes if you could send me a password reset to my old account that would be great.
  3. I found my old profile!!!!! I'll be damned if I can remember my log in info https://forums.pcmatic.com/profile/8-bruce/
  4. Some of the older members might remember me. I was a member a very long time ago, when this was called PcPitstop. Remember the Linux Guy? LOL Just thought I would pop in and see how many of my old friends are still around. I see Nigsy, and TxRedneck are still here, I am sure there are many others also. I haven't been playing with computers much these days, went back to my older joys of motorcycles!
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