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  1. I go to what I thought was the PCMatic web page, has your CEO standing on the left side of the page, I have seen this page before. After about 10 seconds, a chat screen pops up and a support rep asks if they could help me. I ask if the shield icon should show up when I bring up Microsoft Edge (my pc is 6 weeks old and it's a win10 machine). She says yes, asks when I loaded PCMatic, doesn't sound like PCMatic was loaded correctly etc.. Then she says she will have a support tech call me, the tech who will be calling me is Eric Edwards. I get a call from Eric, asks me if I could share my computer, I say yes, has me go to www.fastsupport.com, gives me a code to enter and he is in. He wants my pin which I give him. He then proceeds to look at PCMatic, create a Windows restore point, check my system specs (ram, processor etc..). He then runs a "diagnostic" job in the command prompt window which scrolls super fast that you can't see what it's doing. Then it runs for about 2 minutes and the last line says WINDOWS 10 HAS EXPIRED, YOU NEED TO RENEW WINDOWS 10 (which did not sound correct at all!). He says PCMatic is really not doing anything behind the scenes because of this even though everything seems to run just fine with PCMatic. He says you probably has viruses and need to have a Microsoft certified tech clean and update Windows which will cost money to do. He says when you buy a new computer, the Win10 is a trial version for the first month, then you have to pay to update/activate. He then asks me if I have a Microsoft store near by, that I would need to get a hold of them, get a tech etc.. He tells me he can set this up right now with a Microsoft certified company while I am on the phone, get a tech to help me and it would all be taken care of. The company AARAV Technical Support Services Inc will handling it. Now he tells me that we have to use a check instead of a credit card number because of the viruses, wanted me to scan a copy of a check through my printer which mine can't. He proceeds to open a Notepad window and list the prices and then wants me to list my name, address, bank, routing # and account #. At this point I say I have to research this issue some more before I'm going to give him this info (no way) and the conversations ends and I take back control of my machine. I then reinstalled PCMatic, ran a scan, ran a full scan with Windows Defender, rebooted, and change my pin number. Nothing showed up, everything looks fine, but is it? Any thoughts, should I have someone reset Windows 10, restore it from the beginning, run some sort of job to do a deeper scan???
  2. After reinstalling PCmatic again, everything seems to be working fine except no shield is showing up in Edge browser. IE ask to load adware blocker and it looks good. Any thoughts? I bought this Win10 machine 5 weeks ago.
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