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  1. I go to what I thought was the PCMatic web page, has your CEO standing on the left side of the page, I have seen this page before. After about 10 seconds, a chat screen pops up and a support rep asks if they could help me. I ask if the shield icon should show up when I bring up Microsoft Edge (my pc is 6 weeks old and it's a win10 machine). She says yes, asks when I loaded PCMatic, doesn't sound like PCMatic was loaded correctly etc.. Then she says she will have a support tech call me, the tech who will be calling me is Eric Edwards. I get a call from Eric, asks me if
  2. After reinstalling PCmatic again, everything seems to be working fine except no shield is showing up in Edge browser. IE ask to load adware blocker and it looks good. Any thoughts? I bought this Win10 machine 5 weeks ago.
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