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  1. Since I have Installed PC Matic my system keeps crashing with Kernel mode Heap Corruption . I have tried the recommended steps to fix the issue but so far I still have the problem. The possible solution might be to uninstall PC Matic.
  2. I have received no response about JZIP. I can't run a product that uninstalls my application, deletes the downloads, and won't let me download and run the software I have been running for years with no problems. This is unacceptable and I bought a life time subscription. I am going to have to take the loss and delete the application if this issue cannot be resolved and go back to running a different security application. This product isn't very user friendly. I can't even run any reports on what it's doing either.
  3. I want to be able to run JZIP. It was working till I tried to update it and now PC Matic keeps deleting it. I have problem installing software with PC Matic. No explainations on how to fix the issue.
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