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  1. Appreciate the detailed response, StewieT. I was already aware of the published reviews, but for many companies those are easily and often falsified (fake news). While forum Comments can be as well, they take more time to create and are less prone to being fabricated. I have no reason to assume PC Matic is fabricating reviews, just citing well-known statistics. And yes, I also know about PCM's guarantee. However, since I make use of live Chats, have been notified twice of dark web ID violations, and utilize both the password manager and the VPN on occasion, I am looking for replacements f
  2. PNC (Potential New Customer) Rather Than FAQuestions I own one newer (<5yrs) and one older (>5yrs) PC but I prefer using the older (several reasons). Obviously the newer is faster but it has other (mostly mechanical) problems. The older is slower but much more reliable. I have frequent speed issues, however, with the older PC (using Norton 360 Delux Plus 1 on both). I am considering switching to PC Matic but I am unable to find any mention on your Web site (and cannot ask a phone or chat rep) about availability of the following features (which Norton does provide).
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