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  1. If I hit Recovery Mode, then it shows the android robot with a warning sign coming out of it's chest, and 'No command' under it. there is nothing else.
  2. If the recovery menu is where it says [Recovery Mode], [Fastboot Mode] and [Normal Boot], then yes.
  3. So, I was cleaning one of the rooms in my house, listening to music off of my tablet. The music stopped, so I figured that the battery had died. I plugged it in, and found that the charge wasn't the problem, but it was at low battery, so I charged it anyway. I came back later to see that it had completely turned off. I tried rebooting it, but that didn't work. When you turn it on, you hold the power button, until the Lenovo logo appears. After that, the orange turns to pictures of people doing things, then it's supposed to go back to the logo, bring the brightness down, (I have the brightness
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