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  1. My internet WILL NOT log onto pcmatic website. Im having a similar problem. All of a sudden, my pcmatic can't log in to scan. My ac5300 router thinks that pcmatic is a malicious site so it won't goto the pcmat page at all. I've turned off the firewall, updated firmware, logged in as administrator, and I still have the problem. Recently, my son's google pixel phone was infected with an xxs script virus. Now my internet is bogged down from constant attacks to my network. I changed passwords to 2G,5G-1, and 5G-2. Rebooted my router and its still the same. Pcmatic has been useless in detecting the virus.My Asus ac5300 newok security is what caught it. Any suggestions?
  2. Why am I still getting the renewal popup after I've already purchased the "lifetme membership?" What do I need to do to correct this ? PC Pitstop Store - Order #4195295 Processed
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