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  1. ok that was faster than speeding bullet LOL it's working again now. It must be all the people using it more than usual. Thanks,
  2. Tx Redneck first I really like your quotes. Very insightful. ok now my PC Matic is doing the same thing again it is stuck in "loading" and never loads. Can someone please unstick if for me? I don't know if it's something to do with so many people being home using the internet/virus scanning more than usual so I'm not sure if I should wait longer to ask to have it fixed. I appreciate all the help I receive from this forum and do appreciate anything that can be done. Thank You
  3. It's fixed I tried it today and it loads now it's scanning. Thank You
  4. Yes it was and I am sorry I took so long to get back here. It's hard to find this support site. Now it's doing it again and I checked for the certificate it expired 2/19/20. I don't know if that has anything to do with this problem. It just keep saying loading but never loads. Why does this happen? It worked fine earlier tonight I frequently click the icon then in a few seconds it loads (not tonight) and I click scan then continue normally for a while now since January it has been working when it was fixed in January 2020. It is very frustrating.
  5. well it got fixed and now it's the new year 2020 and it's stuck in loading. I can't get it to load not that there is a way to. I'm sorry I purchased the product. I don't like this that it just all of a sudden decides not to load as soon as the new year comes. I paid for this, for the lifetime one time payment, I haven't even had it a year and already there's another problem. I got a ticket # from the Company and sent them a snapshot of what is on my screen which is merely that the PC Matic loading screen is as far as it gets I don't even get an error code because it just won't freaking
  6. Help!! my new pcmatic.com antivirus program will not allow me to download the software. I can't find out what firewall may be preventing it from installing.
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