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  1. I'm new to PC Matic and am still finding my way around. I like it. I have received four pop up notifications over the last two weeks advising me to update my Windows 10 operating system. If I don't click the "Update" button in the pop up dialog box, my system will erase files in xxx seconds. Chatted with Windows techs and as I suspected this is a scam. The address of is: http://www.greatpcchoice.com/land/sqj/index.php?channel=ZenaHQ&banner=d02e9d71&adgroup=direct&ads_name=direct&keyword=direct&context=3882ede0-fbed-11e9-a697-8d4ff14f21f8&nms=1&lpx=slm Don't know how to get this information to the PC Matic tech folks so it can be addressed. Hope this information will find it's way into the right hands and is helpful. Thanks, Fatdeluxe1911
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