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  1. mr_omega

    Kaffiene &*(&*#&$

    when you find somthing smart to say then maybe ill say somthing to you damn moron
  2. Access denied to /usr/share/xmms/Skins/xmmearth
  3. ewwwwwwwww folder how i do that i was eating when i posted that
  4. do you rebmer when i aksd how to intall the skins for xmms i found the share flouder and the xmms flouder and then skins
  5. im trying to put somthing in the root floder how do i login to root? i been trying to figer it out for 2 hrs now i have no cule how
  6. http://www.teamwarfare.com/viewteam.asp?team=ENFORCES how about it if you play America's Army how about being on a team
  7. mr_omega

    Kaffiene &*(&*#&$

    ill try that at lest some one is smart here
  8. mr_omega

    Kaffiene &*(&*#&$

    and i don't care how do i shut this thing off
  9. mr_omega

    Kaffiene &*(&*#&$

    what the hell does any of this have to do with my post?
  10. mr_omega

    System Monitor

    yoo fix the damn 404 so we can download it
  11. mr_omega

    Kaffiene &*(&*#&$

    Kaffiene keeps starting up when i start up how do i stop it im about to just take it off
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