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  1. Now I am puzzled. i got a chance to try and go in Chrome per instructions from Tx. To my surprise I got right into Chrome with no problems and the two boxes that were popping up at the lower right corner of the screen...saying Adblocker was crashing. No sign of them now. I went ahead and went into extensions and removed Adblocker. So I have no idea what cleared up the problem...............thanks for your help
  2. When I try to open Chrome it freezes before anything loads and at the lower right corner of the screen it shows.....FREE ADBLOCKER HAS CRASHED and also shows MANUALS SEARCH HAS CRASHED. So again, Chrome will not load...as if it has crashed too. When I try to go into EXTENSIONS, I can only get to that point. when I click on EXTENSIONS nothing happens. I wanted to get into EXTENSIONS to try and disable AD BLOCKER and see if Chrome will then load. Is there a way to disable AdBlocker when I can't open extensions? I have also tried to re-install Chrome but the installation
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