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    Absolutely love your Moniker. In fact I love it so much 15 years ago I had it tattooed on my arm. I did 8 years in The USMC as an 0311 (Rifleman) and my secondary MOS was 1371 (Combat Engineer) That was back a few years like 1984-1992. I absolutely have more respect for the Vietnam vets as anyone in the world. They were sent to do a job and back home where they belong people hated them. I was not born until 1966 so I was like 9 when they brought most of the troops back. Had that "Police Action" happened when I was 17 I would have joined the Marine Corps in less than a second. When Desert storm started I actually signed a contract to do my 2nd tour. In one way I am glad I was not sent in another way I regret not being chosen to go. Lost a lot of my USMC Brothers and Sisters over there. So again back to the point. I really love your patronage. I have messed around on PC Pitstop way back when it was basically the only site out there that you could download free goodies and also do speed testing. I have not been back on the site for years so everything is new to me. LOL I just looked at your Profile information and see you are a day or so older than I am. You very well may have been in Nam. Semper Fi my friend. Brett Heller USMC 1984-1992 0311/1371 Currently in Coldwater, MI.




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