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  1. I tried that and got to Security Center but the box to change it from Automatic (Delayed Start) is "greyed-out" so I cannot click on it. (see image)
  2. A few months ago, I started getting a notification every time I booted up that I did not have an anti-spyware installed and to install PC Pitstop (which was installed when I installed PC Matic on all of my devices). When I click on the error message it says to choose either Windows Defender or PC Pitstop. It then launches the installation shield from Windows, I choose PC Pitstop and a black command prompt window pops up (see attached) with several commands and then the command screen goes black. I tried to install Windows Defender instead and it says that another program is preventing it from installing. I don't want my laptop to be without anti-spyware protection but cannot figure out how to get PC Pitstop to reinstall. I have Windows 7 on this computer as it is an older one. I don't know if that is the issue or not.
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