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  1. My Cd Rom drive ate my Papyrus racing and thought i'd try here if anyone knows of a site where I could download with no BS.I gave up because all of the sites are stupid! Appreciate, Dave
  2. there is a message that reads: scanner & camera wizard can't operate on this device because some of its' files and folders may be secured by Windows.To work with pictures on this device click start,my computer then double click the device." which does nothing
  3. well, maybe i'm doing something wrong then.The PC recognizes the phone(galaxy 5) but when I click on import pics it does nothing, actually I can't recall if an error pops up .I'll try again and see.
  4. I'm running an older pc desktop that has USB 2. Will a PCI express USB 3 adapter card work? My Android phone requires USB 3 to see pictures on my pc.
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