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  1. Interesting development - I installed IETab in my chrome browser. It properly loaded the Pitstop control AND shows the date and time on the ActiveX test page. AND I was able get the data transfer working from the web portal to quickbooks, that is still not working in IE 11. Don't want to run in Chrome permanently for the web portal, but this will work until I figure it out. Thanks all!
  2. @Tx Redneck - Yes runing as administrator, I get the same results. The only difference is I don't get the UAC window/challenge. I just get a security warning to run the control.
  3. Hi. Having a hard time with IE 11 Active X. Windows 10 - all updates installed IE 11 - Have unistalled and reinstalled Dell Latitude E5470 i5 8GB Ram When I run the activeX test it says ActiveX is not Supported. I get asked to install the PCPitstop ActiveX utility: I click install, screen blanks and I get a pop from UAC asking if the app can make changes (MY UAC is set to NEVER NOTIFY) I click yes and I go back to the ActiveX test page with "ActiveX is not supported". F
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